The Unyielding Grip Of Fossil Fuels On Global Life

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June 7, 2020 - 3:55pm

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In this article, Michael Klare explains that the use of fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas will not fall, but actually continue to rise in the next decades. I like the way the author shares first the good news about the increase in renewable energy resources and then the bad news stating the above on fossil fuels. The analogy with addiction to fossil fuel with the addiction to tobacco was a novel way of explaining the high and increasing dependency of the world on fossil fuels. So, no matter how optimistic it sound when we read about the increasing usage of renewable energy resources, this article brough to light the stark reality that fossil fuels are here to stay for along time and dominate the energy market globally. Though the paper ends with solutions of implementation of legalities and local and global policies, I am left with a sense of dejection on the unabated negative impact on global warming and climate change of fossil fuels.    


Klare, Michael (2017,December). Article, Huff Post website. Retrieved on June 4, 2020 from



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