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Monthly U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions in April were the lowest in decades

This Energy Information Administration (EIA) report shows that monthly U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions were the lowest that they've been since 1973 in April 2020 due to travel restrictions and other measures implemented to reduce the spread of COVID19. From March to April 2020, CO2...Read more

Power companies back EPA climate authority at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is set to hear a pivotal case regarding the federal government's authority to reduce carbon emissions on February 28th, 2022. The case was launched by coal companies and Republican-led states that asked the justices to limit EPA’s options to regulate emissions under the...Read more

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

This article talks about the gas ban that was finally passed in New York City. NYC leads the US in gas burned from buildings, representing 5% of the national load each year. All new buildings will need to be electric-only, starting in 2023. Exceptions are made for some businesses, and for...Read more

The Unyielding Grip Of Fossil Fuels On Global Life

In this article, Michael Klare explains that the use of fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas will not fall, but actually continue to rise in the next decades. I like the way the author shares first the good news about the increase in renewable energy resources and then the bad news...Read more

NYC Is More Addicted To Fossil Fuels Than Ever. Now It May Make Solar Harder To Build.

This article discusses ways in which NYC has lost its potential for renewable energy production after their nuclear power plant shut down and the hydro-electric pipeline project was a flop. The city doesn't have the space to invest and create renewable energy plants. However, one option would be...Read more

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