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PGW wants to raise rates by 11 percent, to cover cost of new pipes

This is a very recent article from WHYY the local public news site for Philadelphia.  It outlines a proposed rate increase for households in Philadelphia by PGW, the local gas company. The reason this article interested me was how it touches on household costs for energy as well as physical...Read more

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

This article talks about the gas ban that was finally passed in New York City. NYC leads the US in gas burned from buildings, representing 5% of the national load each year. All new buildings will need to be electric-only, starting in 2023. Exceptions are made for some businesses, and for...Read more

The Unyielding Grip Of Fossil Fuels On Global Life

In this article, Michael Klare explains that the use of fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas will not fall, but actually continue to rise in the next decades. I like the way the author shares first the good news about the increase in renewable energy resources and then the bad news...Read more

Gas Industry Fuels a Legislative Campaign to Keep Its Fires Burning

This article published by the Sierra Club discusses the pro fossil fuel campaigns led by the natural gas industry which has led to a trend of energy preemption bills being drafted and signed into law in state legislatures across the country to discourage electrification and prohibit bans on...Read more

Transparency of Retail Energy Pricing: Evidence from the US Natural Gas Industry

This article provided and interesting connection between residential and commercial pricing of natural gas. Although economically based, I thought this article was useful in a few ways- one the study was based in the US, two it discusses transparency, and three its focused on natural gas. Based...Read more

PGW emails show involvement in drafting bill that runs counter to climate goals

This article lays out information about PGW's plan for the future. In Pennsylvania, they are planning to work against having natural gas be brought into homes. PGW is trying to make it possible for gas to be a continue form of fuel to use at home...Read more

Indian LNG moves beyond pipe dream

In my previous artifacts, I have spoken about the different schemes taken by the Government of India to help mitigate or lessen the energy poverty issue in rural as well as urban India. This article gives us an understanding of the current projects undertaken by the government officials to use...Read more

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