Home as Refuge, Fewer Reusables, Less Privacy: The Consumer Trends Emerging From Coronavirus Lockdowns

This article posted on the Wall Street Journal takes a timely look at global consumer trends since the start of Coronavirus Lockdown. The information summarized discusses emerging trends such as activism, pride, and mobility that are heavily influencing how consumers are shopping as...Read more

Report: Pennsylvania stands to gain 243,000 jobs a year from clean energy investment

A new report, commissioned by The Heinz Endowment, the Community Foundation the Alleghenies, Policy Matters Ohio, the Keystone Research Center and the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy found that Biden's climate policy could create up to 243,000 jobs annually.

Robert Pollin, a...Read more

IREC’s Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights

Based on reactions from the COVID-19 survey, specifically the question regarding energy rights, I was curious to see what the discussion was around them, I was intrigued to find an organization I had never heard of the IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) and their proposed Renewable...Read more

The biggest energy challenges facing humanity

The title of this article mentions challenges but as I read through, I realized that it is also providing some solutions at a global level on the energy crisis. The article claims that energy demands will go by 50% by 2040 with the largest requirement for cooling / air conditioning. Rising...Read more

Comcast Expands Internet Essentials to Federal Pell Grant Recipients and Pledges $15M to Get Even More Americans Connected

Comcast's Internet Essentials Program will now expand eligibility to Federal Pell Grants recipients. The Internet Essentials is a broad far reaching program designed to help qualifying residents get internet access in various ways. They offer a $9.95 per month internet plan (which can...Read more

U.S. gives Williams more time to build Pennsylvania-NY natgas line

The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission had approved a $1 billion-dollar project to build a new natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York, one that was meant to be built by Williams, Inc. The company, however, asked for an extension to May 2023, which delays the project by two years...Read more

Philadelphia School District Moving Forward With Plans To Return Students To Classroom Before Thanksgiving

It seems my field of research (internet insecurity in Philadelphia) has led me down a path of focusing primarily on how schools are reopening.

This article discusses the plans Philadelphia has in order to get students back into school on November 17th, and their recent reaffirmation of...Read more

Massive Comcast Xfinity outage disconnects TV and internet across the US

Xfinity customers in Philadelphia reported service outages the morning of November 9th, however the outages were not exclusive to Philadelpia. Customers in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, have also reported connectivity problems. “Earlier, some customers experienced intermittent...Read more


This is the page on RGGI's website that shows the compliance periods. It is part of my RGGI PECE essay.Read more

Pa. governor pushes back RGGI proposal deadline to September

This is a piece that is part of my RGGI PECE essay. In it, the author discusses governor Wolf delaying the deadline for a proposal to join RGGI from June to SeptemberRead more

Defining, measuring and ranking energy vulnerability

This article was one of the first few I read to understand ‘Energy Vulnerability’ before the course started. Ever since, thanks to the invaluable contributions in this course, from the class readings, the class discussions, the guest lectures and the class project, I definitely feel I have come...Read more

America's First All-Renewable-Energy City

This article addresses Burlington Vermont's history and how they began their journey to use renewable energy sources. To start, a unique source they use is biomass using wood from fallen trees around the area. While using wood for biomass energy may be harmful at the household level...Read more

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