How Retail Businesses Can Easily Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

This article details the practices retail spaces can use to lower energy consumption and electricity bills. I found this particular article very interesting due to the new knowledge it gave me. It details, the problem with retail lighting and how T8 flourescent light bulbs, fixtures and LED...Read more

Today in Energy Article on Energy Vulnerability (2018)

This article, produced by contributors from the U.S. Energy Information Administration,reports that nearly one-third of U.S. households (31%) reported facing a challenge in paying energy bills or sustaining adequate heating and cooling in their homes in 2015. These statistics are based off...Read more


This document is PECO's notice for their proposed rate increase, which assumably was sent to their customers/posted on their website. Read more

What Its Like To Live Without Electricity?

This news article is an interesting read because it throws light on the daily struggles that a person endures, when they are deprived of their access to basic energy needs.  In most of the villages today in India, energy is produced within the village by the vilagers themselves for their basic...Read more

How coronavirus is changing electricity usage, in 3 charts

This news article talks about shifting energy demand during COVID-19, focusing on California, New York, and Italy. Data is taking from electricity grids and shows that there is a reduced overall demand on the grid -- so even with increased usage in households, the amount of energy consumption is...Read more

Electricity Cost and Consumption: Holiday Lights and Decorations in America

One aspect of the holidays which I never think about, is the high amount of energy consumption during these celebratory times. From travel to retail manufacturing, most components of the holidays are amounting to more and more energy costs. Especially, holiday lights! Retail businesses,...Read more

UK households paid to use electricity during Covid-19 lockdown

This article caught my attention as soon as I read the title. I thought it was a bit bizzare because I have always heard everyone say " Do not waste electrcity" and here it says that households were paid to use electricty. Thousands of British homes were paid to use electricity during the day,...Read more

Energy access takes center stage in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and powering recovery in Africa

Seeing countries with the most robust economies struggling to keep it together in a global pandemic like COVID-19, I wondered how Africa would cope if the virus seeped into the continent. This article chronicles what plight the continent is in, and fortunately what is being done to curb the...Read more

The Electricity Situation in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities

This artifact is a paper written by Kumi (2017) and commissioned by the Center for Global Development in a bid to obtain a better understanding of Ghana’s context, and the role of international actors with respect to energy: specifically, electrification. Despite the doubling of installed...Read more

In Pa., you can pick an electricity provider. Did the Texas storm make you rethink your choice?

This poll, published by NPR's State Impact Pennsylvania, is designed to see how many people in Pennsylvania have reconsidered their energy provider choice after the Texas grid failure. The article points to how, for some Texas customers who were on a variable rate plan, saw their electricity...Read more

Using cocoa husks to create power in Ghana

This artifact throws more light on a project led by the University of Nottingham aimed at creating energy from cocoa husks to enable Ghana achieve her target of universal electricity access by 2030.

With Ghana being the 2nd highest cocoa producing country in the world, the probability of...Read more

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