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The Unyielding Grip Of Fossil Fuels On Global Life

In this article, Michael Klare explains that the use of fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas will not fall, but actually continue to rise in the next decades. I like the way the author shares first the good news about the increase in renewable energy resources and then the bad news...Read more



The first observation as I perused through this blog post was that it covered every continent withhuman habitat and hence gives one a complete picture of the use of renewable energy across...Read more

Exxon Mobil has been lobbying against parts of Democrats’ big social and climate spending bill

Even though Democrats have called for increased taxes on the fossil fuel industry, fossil fuel giants pushed against the taxes on the grounds it makes the U.S. less competitive. Even the larger public is in favor of taxing the fossil fuel industry but do not know whether it is good to include a...Read more

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