This is the world's first fully solar-powered airport

This artifact is a really interesting read to understand how the seventh busiest airport in India made a change in 2013 due to the rising electricty bills and is now running completely powered by solar energy. Cochin International Airport was the first solar-powered airport in 2015. 

After...Read more

The Unyielding Grip Of Fossil Fuels On Global Life

In this article, Michael Klare explains that the use of fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas will not fall, but actually continue to rise in the next decades. I like the way the author shares first the good news about the increase in renewable energy resources and then the bad news...Read more

LPG as a clean cooking fuel: Adoption, use, and impact in rural India

This article is an interesting read to understand the three principle findings i) fuel costs (ii) fuel stacking is the prevailing norm as few households stop using firewood when adopting LPG, and (iii) highly positive views of LPG as a convenient and clean cooking fuel. Read more

India's summer power outages are getting so bad, states want you to DIY

Power cuts have always been an issue in India and I remember growing up as a child, there were fixed times during the weeks that they occured and I was definitely not a fan of these. Surviving the hot, humid afternoons without any cooling equipment, alternatives or even the natural wind was a...Read more

The role of energy in economic growth

In this article, Nate Hagens gives an overview of the paper written by David I. Stern, energy and environmental economist working on the role of energy in the economy and the drivers and mitigation of climate change and a professor at the Crawford School of Public...Read more

How Covid-19 can affect India’s energy transition goals

The power sectors are greatly affected by the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This lockdown has caused tremendous delays in power projects due to supply chain distruptions, manpower loss and reduction in funding. This article gives an understanding of how India, a country...Read more

What Its Like To Live Without Electricity?

This news article is an interesting read because it throws light on the daily struggles that a person endures, when they are deprived of their access to basic energy needs.  In most of the villages today in India, energy is produced within the village by the vilagers themselves for their basic...Read more


This is the first in-depth review of India’s energy policies by IEA which examines the country’s achievements in developing its energy sector as well as the challenges it faces in ensuring a sustainable energy future. This report details an impressive track record of expanding access to...Read more

Can India realize its ambitious renewable energy targets?

Having already doubled the country's solar power potential from 3GW to 7GW in just 18 months, this developing country is aiming to move ahead to reach their goal of 100GW by 2022. There is no denying this ambition, but the question really is, can India achieve these set targets with the current...Read more

Indian LNG moves beyond pipe dream

In my previous artifacts, I have spoken about the different schemes taken by the Government of India to help mitigate or lessen the energy poverty issue in rural as well as urban India. This article gives us an understanding of the current projects undertaken by the government officials to use...Read more

How has India used LPG as energy in rural areas?

This news article on how the access to energy for cooking purposes has changed in rural India is an interesting read to understand how some NGOs help to overcome bureaucratic procedures. It throws light on the need and importance of comprehending social stratification. 

This article...Read more

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