Philly is ready to start fighting climate change again

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January 6, 2021 - 9:35am

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As President-Elect Biden stated, there is a pontential for the US to re-enter the Paris Agreement for climate change goals to be achieved by 2050. Philadelphia had continued to follow the climate provisions thanks to Mayor Kenney's commitment even despite President Trump's withdrawal from the agreement. The aritcle discusses the need for these policies, particularly for those communities that are already facing the brunt of climate change. This past summer, summer 2020, Philadelphia had to face extreme heat, rain and a pandemic and try to provide socially-distant and safe cooling centers and shelters to protect those most dramatically affected by the pandemic's economic consequences (the elderly, low-wealth communities, and BIPOC communities). The article also credits the closure of Philadelphia's refinery as a step towards the city's green future addressing, however, the uncertainty of the city's green economic alternatives. Programs like "Solarize Philly", "Green City, Clean Water", "Beat the Heat", and "Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy" are among the city's attempts to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change.


Zerbo, R. and Rosan, C. D. (2020, Dec 29). "Philly is ready to start fighting climate change again." The Philadelphia Citizen. Retrieved from

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