Alison Kenner


Associate Professor


Alison Kenner is an associate professor of Politics and a faculty member in the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Drexel University. Her research interests focus on human-environment relations, specifically how people experience and think about their nonhuman surroundings. Her first book, Breathtaking: Asthma Care in a Time of Climate Change (University of Minnesota Press, 2018), documents how care is materialized at different scales -- from medication use to mobile phone apps and environmental policy -- to address the U.S. asthma epidemic. Between 2014-2019 she worked on Climate Ready Philly with a team of climate educators in Philadelphia. Kenner also runs the Philadelphia Health and Environment Ethnography Lab, which facilitates collaborative projects between Drexel students, governmental and nongovernmental partners, and community organizations. Her latest project investigates energy vulnerability in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region by analyzing how organizations and government policies enable affordable access to water, electricity, and heating fuel -- or not.