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The time of energy demand

I thought the point about energy demand as an “ongoing constitution” was really useful, specifically for thinking about how energy demand changed during COVID19. It made me wonder how...Read more

A policy framework for the right to energy

This pdf is a summary of a podcast series on energy rights. The podcast discusses the ways in which energy poverty, a condition where households are unable to meet their energy needs, negatively affects poor households' health and economic security. The podcast calls for energy reform that...Read more

Secretary of Energy Signs Order to Mitigate Security Risks to the Nation's Electric Grid

This article discusses an order that has recently come to the table, as issued by Dan Brouilette. The notices of the order will be communicated to the utility by January 16, 2021. The order is meant to increase energy security on the United States' energy grids. Given the recent downturn in...Read more

Energy Governance

"the austerity regime has rendered the new energy poor in Greece both vulnerable and governable" (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1395).

The above quote is important to think about for our...Read more

Energy Burden and the Need for Integrated Low-Income Housing and Energy Policy

This article was published for DHHS by two authors from Columbia University and Clarkson University. The authors suggest that in terms of policy making, a more coherent approach would be to integrate home energy and housing policy and that integrating programs in each area would be a better way...Read more

Three Pillars of Sustainability

"There are three pillars of sustainability – economic, social and environmental – an idea that has figured strongly in policy discussions since the Bruntdland ...Read more

Demand Management

One of the important arguments as made by Riniken et al. (2019), is with regards to energy demand management being an unrealistic clause to be added to energy policy. The foregoing is specifically...Read more

Philly is ready to start fighting climate change again

As President-Elect Biden stated, there is a pontential for the US to re-enter the Paris Agreement for climate change goals to be achieved by 2050. Philadelphia had continued to follow the climate provisions thanks to Mayor Kenney's commitment even despite President Trump's withdrawal from the...Read more

Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

This article describes the current review of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which participating states undertake every few years. The current review will take place throughout 2022, with new rules set in the fall. The article highlights calls from environmental advocates to set more...Read more

Expanding the class of the energy insecure

"Austerity measures have produced unevenly distributed socio-spatial vulnerabilities" (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1383).

Thinking about this quote, we can relate austerity measures to...Read more

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

This article talks about the gas ban that was finally passed in New York City. NYC leads the US in gas burned from buildings, representing 5% of the national load each year. All new buildings will need to be electric-only, starting in 2023. Exceptions are made for some businesses, and for...Read more

The new energy poor

"..the experiences of the 'new energy poor', who are vulnerable to decreased incomes, high prices, new taxes, and 'inadequate socio-technical infrastructures' (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1380...Read more

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