Squatting for survival in Philadelphia: What it’s like to live in a ‘takeover house’

The article goes in-depth about the history of squatting in the city of Philadelphia and the situations that lead to squatting in cities like Philadelphia with high unemployment, homelessness, transient or intermittent housing, and high percentages of low-income households (Chicago for example...Read more

Philadelphia School District to Add All-Electric School Buses to its Fleet

The school district of Philadelphia plans on being the first school district in Pennsylvania to add all-electric school busses to its fleet. For the 2021-2022 school year the district will acquire five electric busses with plans to convert up to 20% of its fleet by 2026. Removing one diesel bus...Read more

Philly’s next crop of city buildings will be greener under bill passed by Philly Council


A new bill, passed by the Philadelphia City Council will set requirements for new construction projects including on-site renewable energy, optimized energy performance, and sustainable materials. According to the article, "Many new city buildings...Read more

30-inch water main break floods South Philadelphia streets

The geyser-like disruption that emerged in Philly on July 25th later at night caused severe damages, upwards of $1 million, considering that is how much one collector lost in art and paintings. The Water Department offered to pump out any water, mud, or other debris in people's basements that...Read more

As NYC gives at-risk seniors AC units, Philly asks them to find relief in a neighbor’s home

This article discusses heat vulnerability through the story of an elderly couple with chronic illness living in Philadelphia and Philadelphia's cooling resources compared to the plan that New York City is rolling out. Officials in Philadelphia are calling for collaborations across private...Read more

Comcast Grants Homeless Shelter Free WiFi

Comcast is providing the same wifi it uses in it's Lift Zones to a Bucks County Homeless Shelter. The Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter is owned and operated by the nonprofit Family Service Association of Bucks County and is a critical resource for individuals and families who have lost...Read more

Peco seeks electric rate hike that would boost bills by 9.65%, citing grid costs and COVID-19

Peco, citing the need for “significant” upgrades to the local electric grid and for pandemic-related customer relief, on Tuesday filed a request seeking a $246 million electric rate increase that...Read more

PHASE 4 Philadelphia Rental Assistance Eligibility Criteria & Rules Presentation

This presentation details who can apply for phase 4 rental assistance in Philadelphia. Below are details regarding the utility assistance aspect of this program:

  • Applicants can receive up to 18 months of utility assistance for past-due

and current utility bills

• An...Read more

Peco improperly shut off nearly 50,000 customers because of computer glitches

This article provides an update on a case of technical negligence by PECO in 2018 and 2019, when their automated phone service which informs customers of a service shutoff 72-hours ahead of the termination failed to make the call (2018) or gave the wrong termination date (2019). This article...Read more

Philly promises public school students will have internet access as coronavirus keeps classes online

This article discusses the plan by Philadelphia School District Superintendant Hite regarding internet access for students in the city. Philadelphia's return to school plan requries students continue virtual education until at least November 17th. However, parts of school buildings, libraries,...Read more

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