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White House offering more aid for winter heat, utility bills

At the moment energy prices are an average of 11% higher than they were last year, which is why Biden's administration is dispensing more money into LIHEAP. Low-income families are in especially more need of assistance than ever before, and with rate increases happening virtually across the...Read more

As Indiana coal plants close, advocates say gas power should not replace them

There's movement to close all coal-powered plants, but environmentalist groups like Sierra Club are also mobilizing resources to halt plans for gas-powered energy plants. CenterPoint Energy, among one of the companies whose coal power plants are being shut down, said their focus will primarily...Read more

100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World

This article caught my attention because after all the reading I have done recently on this topic, I am looking for solutions, primarily for a ‘feel good’ factor. Else the complexity of this global  crisis of energy vulnerability is overwhelming me.  I do understand that this is an optimistic...Read more

PIDC taps Dominion Energy for Philadelphia Navy Yard O&M contract

Starting on November 1, 2021, the Navy Yard will be powered by Dominion Energy for the next ten-to-fifteen years. The aim of this project is to provide reliable energy supply to the Navy Yard, which is projected to expand exponentially (in commerce, retail, and residential-type buildings) in the...Read more

Renewables overtake coal, but natural gas still dominates U.S. power generation

Renewable energy is making its way as one of the dominant sources of energy production in the United States. Currently, it accounts for 20% of the U.S.' energy production and is only surpassed by gas-powered energy production, which accounts for 40% of energy production in the nation. Coal...Read more

Secretary of Energy Signs Order to Mitigate Security Risks to the Nation's Electric Grid

This article discusses an order that has recently come to the table, as issued by Dan Brouilette. The notices of the order will be communicated to the utility by January 16, 2021. The order is meant to increase energy security on the United States' energy grids. Given the recent downturn in...Read more

The role of energy in economic growth

In this article, Nate Hagens gives an overview of the paper written by David I. Stern, energy and environmental economist working on the role of energy in the economy and the drivers and mitigation of climate change and a professor at the Crawford School of Public...Read more


This is the first in-depth review of India’s energy policies by IEA which examines the country’s achievements in developing its energy sector as well as the challenges it faces in ensuring a sustainable energy future. This report details an impressive track record of expanding access to...Read more

The emerging global natural gas market and the energy crisis of 2021-2022

This policy brief largely discusses the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on energy governance and concomitant effects on the energy prices that are volatile to market changes, supply chains, and their interruptions or delays. The brief specifically focuses on the ever-changing demand of...Read more

Department of Energy Releases Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap

Hand in hand with the order released on December 16th, the finalized energy storage plans are part of the United States' attempt to secure energy supply for the nation. In an effort to remain competitive in the energy market, the United States is trying to find innovative ways to both produce...Read more

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