Pandemic hits the energy sector



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May 2, 2020 - 9:54am

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Recently, I have been exploring LinkedIn more frequently in my attempts at post-grad/pandemic job search. However, one of the most interesting sections has been the "Coronavirus News" section that continues to update on a daily/weekly basis. I stumbled upon this thread regarding how oil industry and energy professionals are reacting to energy demand and the global oil prices. I found this thread to be quite useful in seeing the day-today discourse between the individuals and prominent voices in the "professional" space that is LinkedIn. I especially found it interesting to click through the various companies that have an opinion and what role they serve at the organization/company. Is this more of a defense mechanism or an owning the narrative space?

I think this article/website is useful in engaging how the pandemic is influencing social media and expertise. With communication at the forefront of all of these initiatives and significant changes to income and markets, these voices are becoming ever present in telling the "true story" occurring on the business ends of things. How are these engaging us as researchers to see the larger actors in this network? Are we defining energy sector as the business and brand voice or the stakeholder voice? How is vulnerability being exploited or omitted in this discourse?


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