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How the Oil and Gas Industry Has Broken Climate Education

This article details the tactics used by the fossil fuel industry to indoctrinate school children into supporting their work. Although this isn't surprising, I think this article does a great job at showing how the fossil fuel industry has worked for decades at creating a culture that depends on...Read more

Energy and environmental attitudes in the green state of Denmark: Implications for energy democracy, low carbon transitions, and energy literacy

The energy ecologies reading group will discuss this article on January 7th 2021, where we will cover the theme of energy literacy. 

Abstract: "

This article investigates how a mix of energy-users from Denmark perceives energy and environmental issues such as the...Read more

What is Energy Literacy?

This article critically engages the lingering universalisms haunting literature on energy literacy by demonstrating the need to situate diverse forms of energy knowledge within local energy ecologies and by "pinning" the concept of energy literacy to energy vulnerability.Read more

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