energy literacy

Dragon-breath and snow-melt: Know-how, experience and heat flows in the home

The energy ecologies reading group will include this article in our January 7th meeting on energy literacy. 

Abstract: "People manage heat flows in their homes through diverse skilful engagements, including interactions with a wide range of materials that help to generate heat, move it...Read more

Household energy literacy: A critical review and a conceptual typology

This article will be read by the energy ecologies reading group for January 7th; this week focuses on the theme of energy literacy. 


The concept of energy literacy is increasingly receiving more research attention within the fields of education,...Read more

Energy and environmental attitudes in the green state of Denmark: Implications for energy democracy, low carbon transitions, and energy literacy

The energy ecologies reading group will discuss this article on January 7th 2021, where we will cover the theme of energy literacy. 

Abstract: "

This article investigates how a mix of energy-users from Denmark perceives energy and environmental issues such as the...Read more

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