Report: Pennsylvania stands to gain 243,000 jobs a year from clean energy investment

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January 29, 2021 - 1:00pm


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February 1, 2021 - 2:39pm

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A new report, commissioned by The Heinz Endowment, the Community Foundation the Alleghenies, Policy Matters Ohio, the Keystone Research Center and the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy found that Biden's climate policy could create up to 243,000 jobs annually.

Robert Pollin, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and one of the study’s authors stated these jobs are across a wide range of fields, including jobs for carpenters, machinists, environmental scientists, secretaries, accountants, truck drivers, roofers, agricultural labor.

The specific plans in Pennsylvania are known as Reimagine Appalachia. This coalition's goal is a "just transition" to green energy in many states where economy is heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

According to the article, "Allegheny County took a modest step toward that goal on Thursday, when County Executive Rich Fitzgerald announced that, starting as early as mid-2023, all county-owned facilities will draw energy from a low-impact hydropower plant located on the Ohio River." Many other counties are making similar pledges.

The last section of this article talks about the importance of a just transition. It acknowledges that Native American, African American, and other minority groups have often suffered consequences of the energy transition. On top of this, it also acknowledges that fossil fuel workers still make more than clean energy workers, but hopes that strong unionization will close this gap. Missing from the plan: community owned energy.


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