Energy Sector Collaborators

This “group” is for folks who work in the energy sector and who currently collaborate with The Energy Rights Project or are interested in collaborating with us. This includes local and regional organizations in Philadelphia and the broader Mid-Atlantic region, and also national organizations that do energy assistance advocacy, green jobs training, or affordable housing work, for example.

“Groups” at are containers of documents and materials for different audiences. Unfortunately, there is no way to talk to other people in this group. Think of “groups” like a cabinet in a filing cabinet - a place where many different documents are kept. If you have questions about the project, our research archive, or any of the material here, please reach out to us at or (484) 461-5375. 

In the ‘Energy Sector Collaborators’ group our research team posts information about policy changes, webinars and meetings we’ve attended, interviews with collaborators, reports published by other organizations, and our monthly media briefs. To learn more about our survey and interview projects, as well as findings from both, visit the Research Participants group.