The Energy Rights Project Brochure - Spring 2021

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May 12, 2021 - 6:18pm

Critical Commentary

This brochure was created with findings from the Energy Rights Project's spring and winter survey data. Below is a breakdown of the various panels contained in the brochure:

  • The panel on data highlights has statistics deemed interesting or significant from our cumulative survey results. These statistics highlight awareness of utility assistance programs, changes in daily energy consumption due to COVID-19, energy literacy specifically in regards to the concept of weatherization, common energy conservation practices among surveyees, and how people perceive their relationship to energy. 
  • The "About the Project" panel explains the objectives of the Energy Rights Project, what we are investigating, how we are funded, and contact information
  • The panel on energy rights invites individuals to think about their relationship to energy, and lists energy services that our project came up with that we believe are energy rights. 
  • The panel with excerpts from the survey question on energy rights provides a snapshot of how our research participants are thinking about "energy rights"
  • The panel "Barriers to affordable energy" lists three major barriers that we've found from our research for Philadelphians to access affordable energy 

This brochure was distributed an energy fair hosted at Hunting Park (North Philadelphia) on May 8th, where the Energy Rights Project had an information table and also recruited individuals for surveys. We will be emailing an e-copy of the brochure to research participants who indicated that they were interested in staying informed about our project results. We will also be giving out copies of the brochure to surveyees when they receive their gift card for participating in research with us. We will create an updated brochure after we analyze data from our more recent survey instruments. 



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Ali Kenner, Morgan Sarao, Briana Leone, James Adams and Andrew Rosenthal, "The Energy Rights Project Brochure - Spring 2021", contributed by Alison Kenner and Morgan Sarao, The Energy Rights Project, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 14 May 2021, accessed 27 May 2024.