The Relationship between Energy Literacy and Environmental Sustainability

We include this article as part of the 'energy ecologies' reading discussion for January 7th, which focuses on energy literacy.


Sustainability, first identified as a characteristic of eco-systems, is the capacity to maintain a process indefinitely. Environmental...Read more

Day - Sustainable Infrastructure Coronavirus - 2020

This article comments on the impact of coronavirus on the construction field and which projects are taking precedence over others. Precedence is now being given to specific building construction over continuing projects on power and renewable energy.Read more

Middleton - COVID19 Increase Pollution - 2020

The article focuses on the current reduction in air pollution, as stay-at-home orders increase, but it talks about the ripple effects and worsening pollution following these measures.Read more

Conca - Pandemic Energy Use - 2020

The article comments on the changes in consumption that have been reported in the past weeks, mainly as the United States (and other Western Countries) have come to witness the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, the reporter mentions Energy peaks shifting hours and patterns and...Read more

America's First All-Renewable-Energy City

This article addresses Burlington Vermont's history and how they began their journey to use renewable energy sources. To start, a unique source they use is biomass using wood from fallen trees around the area. While using wood for biomass energy may be harmful at the household level...Read more

Critical Risks in Renewable Energy

This article brings up the possible downsides of alternative energy sources. Energy vulnerability within the new systems and how this may prevent the future competitiveness of the strategy. 

It begins by describing the continous growth of wind and solar energy. The first...Read more

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