PWD Exhibit 1 - Notification of Rate Filing

This artifact is the advance notification of rate filing to the Philadelphia Water, Sewer and StormWater Rate Board and the advance notification of rate filing to the Philadelphia City Council by the Water Commissioner in Philadelphia. These notifications are letters to the stakeholders...Read more

Great Overview of The Energy Co-op

I thought this article provided a nice history of how The Energy Co-op's three programs came about, as well as who partnered with the Co-op over the years. 

I think from here, we should...Read more

A carbon pledge, a bag ban, a tree plan: Philly’s year in environmental news and what’s next

This article highlights the biggest environmental news coming from Philadelphia in the year 2021. 

  • "Philadelphia vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050. One strategy for meeting this goal comes from Philly's Building Energy Performance Program, which requires all non-residential
  • ...Read more
Frankford High School's new lab aims to prepare students for solar energy jobs

"The Philadelphia Energy Authority, in partnership with PECO and the School District of Philadelphia, unveiled a new Solar Training Lab at Frankford High School on Friday as part of a widespread initiative to train young people for careers in solar and clean energy. 

...Read more

Philadelphia water bills will go up Wednesday. Here’s why, and how it could have been worse.

On September 1st, 2021, Philadelphians will begin to receive water bills that reflect a 3.6% rate increase, as Philadelphia's 2021 water rate case has been approved by the PUC. Over two years, the rate will increase by 10.3% for residential customers. The water rate increase in Philadelphia is...Read more

PHLRentAssist Phase 4 Frequently Asked Questions

This artifact contains frequently asked questions for Phase 4 of Philadelphia's rental assistance program. Read more

Philadelphia rate board gives water customers some relief

This article outlines the 2018 water rate increase in Philadelphia, designed as an 11% increase for households over three years. We are reading and reflecting on this increase in relation to the proposed 2021 water rate increase of 17.5%, which is set to go into effect during the pandemic.Read more

Comcast is hiking TV and internet prices in 2021

According to a price listing posted on Reddit, Comcast's internet and phone services will be recieving a price hike starting on January 1st, 2021. Since my focus is on the digital divice, I won't be focusing on the TV price increase.

"The Xfinity Home Security and Plus services will cost...Read more

3 people, 200 square miles, Managing homelessness, remote school, and life in a pandemic , and a life in a pandemic

Many of the artifacts I have posted here have revolved around the digital divide in a purely academic sense, and while this article touches on that subject, it also goes deeper and explores the social ramifications of the digital divide. 

It is psuedo-ethnographic in the way that it...Read more

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