Hundreds of thousands of people face utility shutoffs as pandemic surges

This article looks at what's happening on the ground in Philadelphia two days after the Pennsylvania PUC ended the utility shutoff moratorium. Importantly, at that time, PGW said that they had not yet terminated anyone. It was clear from the article that PECO was reaching out to let people know...Read more

Peco improperly shut off nearly 50,000 customers because of computer glitches

This article provides an update on a case of technical negligence by PECO in 2018 and 2019, when their automated phone service which informs customers of a service shutoff 72-hours ahead of the termination failed to make the call (2018) or gave the wrong termination date (2019). This article...Read more

Deadlocked Pa. panel rejects Peco proposal for COVID-19 bill relief for low-income customers

Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission rejected a proposal to give 113,000 PECO households a one-time $50 dollar credit on their bills. This request was submitted by PECO to the PUC, who deadlocked on the decision and ended up rejecting it. This proposal would have also directed $1.5 million...Read more


This document is PECO's notice for their proposed rate increase, which assumably was sent to their customers/posted on their website. Read more

Peco seeks electric rate hike that would boost bills by 9.65%, citing grid costs and COVID-19

Peco, citing the need for “significant” upgrades to the local electric grid and for pandemic-related customer relief, on Tuesday filed a request seeking a $246 million electric rate increase that...Read more

PECO unveils Small Business Gas Grant Program

A new program, titled the Small Business Gas Grant Program, has been unveiled by PECO and offers up to $500 to small businesses towards their gas bill. According to PECO, the grants are on a first come, first serve basis and any company under 25 employees can apply. According to the...Read more

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