Philly’s next crop of city buildings will be greener under bill passed by Philly Council


A new bill, passed by the Philadelphia City Council will set requirements for new construction projects including on-site renewable energy, optimized energy performance, and sustainable materials. According to the article, "Many new city buildings...Read more

Families of Pre-K Students in Philly May Be Eligible for Free High-Speed Internet

PHILconnectED, Philadelphia's free high speed internet program for low-income families with children in remote education has now expanded eligibility to Pre-K students. Previously, the program was eligible only to students in Kindergaden-12th grade.

Internet access is available to those...Read more

Philly’s first ‘green bank’ will connect clean energy projects to capital

This article opens with a startling fact I was unaware of. Thanks to the many trees and nature restoration projects in higher income areas, there can be a 22-degree temperature difference between high income and low income parts of the city. The Philadelphia Green Capital Corp. (PGCC) is...Read more

PECO COVID-19 Email 2

This is another email PECO sent out to customers.Read more

Comcast commits $1B to low-income Internet Essentials program

Comcast has announced that it plans to commit $1 billion dollars to its low-income Internet-Essentials program. This plan will be spread across ten years and includes investments in community Wi-Fi centers, donating laptops and computers to low-income families, grants for nonprofits, and...Read more

Free internet access available for some now struggling to afford it, city says

Philadelphia is extending it's free PHLConnectED program, which provides no cost connections, to families who have children recieving special education services or are English-language learners, and those who participate in public benefit programs with income qualifications 

City...Read more

Public Comment Overwhelmingly Supports RGGI Proposal

This talks about the public comments made at virtual public hearings and how they overhwelmingly suported joining RGGIRead more


This article discusses what Philadelphia is expected to receive from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. The state of Pennsylvania is expected to receive roughly $11.3 billion in highway formula funding over the next five years alongside $1.6 billion for bridge replacement and repairs...Read more


This is the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's website for RGGIRead more

World Energy Trilemma Index

World Trilemma Index website is listed hereRead more

In Contentious Vote, Pennsylvania Takes Formal Step towards Joining Regional Cap and Trade Market

This is about a vote made that will move Pennsylvania from joining RGGIRead more

3 people, 200 square miles, Managing homelessness, remote school, and life in a pandemic , and a life in a pandemic

Many of the artifacts I have posted here have revolved around the digital divide in a purely academic sense, and while this article touches on that subject, it also goes deeper and explores the social ramifications of the digital divide. 

It is psuedo-ethnographic in the way that it...Read more

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