The infrastructure supporting the deployment of 5G is critical for digital equity

It should be a reminder that not all artifacts have to simply news stories or studies. I found this artifact while searching for internet news and after seeing what the article really was, I considered looking for a new one. Instead, I am including it because of what it represents.

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PA Senate Democrats Joined House Democrats for Net Neutrality Policy Hearing

State Senator Amanda Cappelletti (D) and state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler (D) held virtual meeting on net neutrality and equitable access to internet in Pennsylvania.

“Internet access has become a necessity. However, Pennsylvania’s technological infrastructure and internet standards are behind...Read more

Comcast Grants Homeless Shelter Free WiFi

Comcast is providing the same wifi it uses in it's Lift Zones to a Bucks County Homeless Shelter. The Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter is owned and operated by the nonprofit Family Service Association of Bucks County and is a critical resource for individuals and families who have lost...Read more

Free internet access available for some now struggling to afford it, city says

Philadelphia is extending it's free PHLConnectED program, which provides no cost connections, to families who have children recieving special education services or are English-language learners, and those who participate in public benefit programs with income qualifications 

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New survey designed to see just how connected Philadelphia actually is

This article describes a survey the city of Philadelphia is plannnig to condut on conjunction with Wilco Electronic Systems. The survey is planned to be a phone survey of 2,500 people.

John Horrigan, former research director of the National Broadband Plan at the Federal Communications...Read more

Cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own

Energy vulnerability can stem from an almost infinite amount of variables. Small fees can rack up and it just takes one to cause someone to be unable to pay bills. That is why this new law, passed by Congress on June 20th, 2020 is a win for consumers. 

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3 people, 200 square miles, Managing homelessness, remote school, and life in a pandemic , and a life in a pandemic

Many of the artifacts I have posted here have revolved around the digital divide in a purely academic sense, and while this article touches on that subject, it also goes deeper and explores the social ramifications of the digital divide. 

It is psuedo-ethnographic in the way that it...Read more

Families of Pre-K Students in Philly May Be Eligible for Free High-Speed Internet

PHILconnectED, Philadelphia's free high speed internet program for low-income families with children in remote education has now expanded eligibility to Pre-K students. Previously, the program was eligible only to students in Kindergaden-12th grade.

Internet access is available to those...Read more

Comcast Expands Internet Essentials to Federal Pell Grant Recipients and Pledges $15M to Get Even More Americans Connected

Comcast's Internet Essentials Program will now expand eligibility to Federal Pell Grants recipients. The Internet Essentials is a broad far reaching program designed to help qualifying residents get internet access in various ways. They offer a $9.95 per month internet plan (which can...Read more

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