Energy Vulnerability

New Geoelectric Hazard Map Shows Potential Vulnerability to High-Voltage Power Grid for Two-Thirds of the US

How do we secure our power grid in the event of nationwide blackout? The point of this article is to explore the vulnerabilities that could be faced by many parts of the nation in the event of a geomagnetic superstorm. A map was created with power grids across the country and shows their...Read more

Iceland: A 100% renewables example in the modern era

This article brings up the current state of Iceland and how they use renewable sources. Iceland has achieved 100% renewable energy when it comes to producing electricity. This is true for the capital where ⅔ or residents live but it was difficult to find if that held true for the scattered...Read more

Consumers’ perceptions of energy use and energy savings: A literature review

This article caught my attention because of the perfect match with the 3 research questions which I had in my mind during the first class of this course. Consumer’s perceptions about energy demand, supply, usage and concerns will vary across people from different geographies, economic...Read more

PECO has millions available to help with energy bills, but says few eligible customers are applying for assistance

PECO received $270 million in federal and state funding through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, money that can be used to help people who can't pay their bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a limited number of customers have enrolled, and to date only $500,000 of that money...Read more

Spatializing energy justice

This scholarly research article written by Stefan Bouzaraovski and Neil Simcock from the Department of Geography at University of Manchester in the UK establishes a spatial justice framework for energy justice to address energy vulnerabilities more adequately. The article is a meta-analysis...Read more

Lazenby - Fuel Poverty Deaths Rising - 2020

As can be grasped by the title of the article, the focus is placed on energy vulnerable populations and how their fuel poverty can and will intersect with the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly yielding negative outcomes for those individuals unable to sustain healthy home environments.Read more


This artifact is a 'fact sheet' for the Philadelphia Water Rate Case for 2021, which was filed on January 15th 2021. It includes a table that shows the proposed monthly bill of consumers if the rate increase gets approved, and also provides rationale for the rate increase. Read more

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