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Thousands without power during record-breaking heat

On June 27th, 2021 Portland General Electric said 2,574 customers in Clackamas County, 1,291 customers in Multnomah County, 605 customers in Washington County and 765 customers in Yamhill County were without power due to extreme heat-related outages in the Pacific Northwest. 

Portland...Read more

Connecticut residents still in the dark days after Isaias, as officials criticize utility companies' storm response

This article is particularly interesting in its details of the impacts Isaias has had on Connecticut communities. Relevant to this research study is the article's inferences on energy systems being old and vulnerable to tropical storms like Isaias, which will be increasing in the coming years...Read more

Secretary of Energy Signs Order to Mitigate Security Risks to the Nation's Electric Grid

This article discusses an order that has recently come to the table, as issued by Dan Brouilette. The notices of the order will be communicated to the utility by January 16, 2021. The order is meant to increase energy security on the United States' energy grids. Given the recent downturn in...Read more

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