Philadelphia School District Moving Forward With Plans To Return Students To Classroom Before Thanksgiving

It seems my field of research (internet insecurity in Philadelphia) has led me down a path of focusing primarily on how schools are reopening.

This article discusses the plans Philadelphia has in order to get students back into school on November 17th, and their recent reaffirmation of...Read more

Public Advocate's Advance Interrogatories & Requests for Production of Documents

The following artifact contains interrogatories and requests for production of documents for the matter of a proposed rate increase in  Water, Sewer and Storm Water Rates. Read more

How is COVID 19 impacting the UK electricity system?

This article shows a timeline of events leading up from the beginning of the lockdown constituing the changes to the energy patterns along the way. The interactive charts gives you a very detailed insight into the change in energy system demand across days and even the different hours during the...Read more

Parks are Critical Urban Infrastructure: Perception and Use of Urban Green Spaces in NYC During COVID-19

This article is a pre-publication finding article conducted by scholars to see how important green spaces are to the physical and mental wellbeing for city residents. That said, according to the results cited, the pandemic did not significantly or negatively affect the use of public green spaces...Read more

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