Utility shutoffs should be a rallying cry for justice

In much a continued theme throughout the pandemic, utility shutoffs threaten and have negatively impacted many families across the United States. Without any jobs or assistance to pay for high energy bills, which continue to pile on as we are inevitably forced to stay inside, many families face...Read more

Impact of Covid-19 on the global energy sector

The energy sector is experiencing a huge blow due to the COVID-19 impacts in terms of delaying energy transition projects due to reduced supply chain regarding imports from foreign countries. Many countries have also initiated the delay for paying the utility bills and this has severely impacted...Read more

Utility customers owe up to $40B in COVID-19 debt, but who will pay it?

This article discusses the effects of the utility shutoff moratorium as a policy (an emergency policy) that had no vision for long term pay back. I did not count the number of times the phrase "keeing the lights on" was repeated, but I should have. The article also describes how different...Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Phase 4 Flyer

This flyer contains information on Phase 4 of Philadelphia's rental assistance program, which provides relief to tenants facing financial hardships due to COVID-19. Funding was authorized by the federal government, and Philadelphia has about $97 million to spend on rental assistance and utility...Read more

The time of energy demand

I thought the point about energy demand as an “ongoing constitution” was really useful, specifically for thinking about how energy demand changed during COVID19. It made me wonder how...Read more

COVID-19 Blog - Urban Systems Lab

This document contains blurbs from each and every article created by the blog's authors. The Urban Systems Lab has worked constantly to highlight the intersections of social vulnerabilities with COVID-19. Each article discusses a different vulnerability as highlighted by the pandemic's continued...Read more

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