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This document contains blurbs from each and every article created by the blog's authors. The Urban Systems Lab has worked constantly to highlight the intersections of social vulnerabilities with COVID-19. Each article discusses a different vulnerability as highlighted by the pandemic's continued...Read more

3 people, 200 square miles, Managing homelessness, remote school, and life in a pandemic , and a life in a pandemic

Many of the artifacts I have posted here have revolved around the digital divide in a purely academic sense, and while this article touches on that subject, it also goes deeper and explores the social ramifications of the digital divide. 

It is psuedo-ethnographic in the way that it...Read more


This artifact contains responses to public advocate's advanced interrogatories and requests for production of documents for question 3 of the initial request. Read more

A deadly hot summer is coming. Philly doesn’t yet have a plan.

This article discusses the projected heat vulnerabilities in Philadelphia. It features Drexel University professor Yvonne Michael's as well as Clean Air Council's Russ Zerbo. The article also talks about the health risks, lack of cooling centers, and efforts in Hunting Park. Read more

PECO Rate Case - Public Input Hearing Guidance

PECO, Philadelphia's primary electric utility, has filed for a very large rate increase of $246 million, which will be approximately 10% for the average residential customer. PECO states that the rate increase is necessary ...Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Phase 4 Flyer

This flyer contains information on Phase 4 of Philadelphia's rental assistance program, which provides relief to tenants facing financial hardships due to COVID-19. Funding was authorized by the federal government, and Philadelphia has about $97 million to spend on rental assistance and utility...Read more

COVID-19's Impact on the Global Shift to Renewable Energy

This article offers an analysis of how the COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent global financial contraction and collapse in oil prices will impact the renewable energy industry. Read more

PUC Urges Financially Stressed Consumers to Work with Utilities to Explore Options; Thanks Utilities for Safeguarding Essential Services; Encourages Conservation and Community Support

This press release came out on March 27th, 2019 form the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. This press release urged customers to seek out any financial assistance programs to make their bills affordable whether it be due to COVID-19 or some other financial burden.
They then offer the...Read more

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