Philadelphia Energy Co-op


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June 9, 2020 - 11:52am

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The Philadelphia Energy Co-op is the best example of a community renewable energy (CRE) initiative in our localized area of investigation. They offer the opportunity for Philadelphians (or, any individuals in Southeast PA) to change their energy source to that which the Energy Co-op provides; "99% wind, 1% solar, 100% from Pennsylvania". They're the only nonprofit, community-based provider of clean electricity in the region; and while your electricity management service (PECO) doesn't change, PECO will source the electricity they provide to you from the Energy Co-op if you're a member. Once you sign up, you become a member of the Co-op, and can thus decide (and vote) on how the energy is sourced and how the organization itself is being run. This amount of transparency and control in energy is unafforded in classical utility-based grid systems of electricity, many situations of which individuals feel they have no control (or understanding) of the power they get. The benefits work two-fold; you both learn more about energy systems through membership, alongside supporting renewable + empowered energy solutions by being a part of it. They also offer renewable gas and more affordable home heating oil, but the latter of the two doesn't fit into the same umbrella that CREs typically comprise; their renewable gas, however, is another smart eco-friendly solution that utilizes recycled methane from decomposition of materials, rather than fracking or drilling across PA.

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