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New York adds $52.5 million in community solar incentives for low-income residents

At the same time as the closure of one of the power plants producing net-zero carbon emissions, New York is planning to put aside $52 million to invest in solar energy. This investment, however, is targeted at low-income residents who are usually the ones left behind in energy transition...Read more

Ideas we should steal: Community solar power

This article discuss a community solar project in East Parkside, as well as state policies that are preventing the project from moving forward.Read more

April Staff Picks - Morgan Sarao

The artifacts I chose for April are thematically linked to the “just transition” framework, or the framework for transitioning the economy to renewable energy and prioritizing support for affected workers in the transition from emissions-intensive industries, along with communities...Read more

What is the Clean Energy Industry Doing to Confront Racism?

Since the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd on account of police brutality and systemic racism in the United States, companies in the clean energy industry have been taking an inward look at their policies and practices and subsequent role in perpetuating racism and racial disparities....Read more

Utah Community Renewable Energy Act

The attached document is a bill passed through Utah's state Senate that outlines their mission towards 100% renewable energy by 2030 through the use of Community Renewable Energy initiatives. There's no similar legislature throughout the U.S. (at least, that I can find) that legally...Read more

In Pennsylvania, a bipartisan coalition is pushing to free community solar from bureaucratic red tape

This artifact discusses the challenges to cooperative solar farms in Pennsylvania. 

Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation (CPCDC), a nonprofit that supports local businesses, maintains...Read more

Massachusetts Finalizes Distributed Solar Rules With Fewer Restrictions on Land Use

This article talks about Massachusetts' SMART green program is meant to provide solar to communities, even though many say its most recent modifications would exclude many. Others say this new modification is meant to protect the green industry investments and the solar installments would...Read more

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