The Energy Transition: Democracy, Justice and Good Regulation of the Heat Market

This paper is certainly a loaded one; published just two months ago, it discusses the different sociocultural aspects inherent within the so-called "energy transition", or the shift of the traditional "fossil-fuel burning centralized plants" model towards deregulation and renewable energy,...Read more

Empower the Yukon: Using Community Renewable Energy in the Transition to Energy Resilience

This article in particular examines how those in the Canadian province of Yukon are attempting to combat energy vulnerability (through explicit creation of energy resilience; or, in their words, "the ability (of the system) to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and...Read more

New York adds $52.5 million in community solar incentives for low-income residents

At the same time as the closure of one of the power plants producing net-zero carbon emissions, New York is planning to put aside $52 million to invest in solar energy. This investment, however, is targeted at low-income residents who are usually the ones left behind in energy transition...Read more

Empowering communities – the role of intermediary organisations in community renewable energy projects in Indonesia

This paper discusses the impact that so-called Community Renewable Energy (CRE) has had in two community areas in Indonesia. Of particular analysis and importance is the intermediary group – in this situation, Ibeka – that plays a direct role in building energy infrastructure in communities....Read more

Groups call on DOE to draw a roadmap for TVA to shift to renewables

Deal with TVA is discriminatory as long as TVA has a generation portfolio skewed toward fossil fuels, the companies want to be freed from fossil fuel monopolies to pursue renewable energy.Read more

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