Frankford High School's new lab aims to prepare students for solar energy jobs

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October 25, 2021 - 4:46pm

Critical Commentary

"The Philadelphia Energy Authority, in partnership with PECO and the School District of Philadelphia, unveiled a new Solar Training Lab at Frankford High School on Friday as part of a widespread initiative to train young people for careers in solar and clean energy. 

The lab will provide training to students who are part of the district's Bright Solar Futures program, a three-year vocational program aimed at preparing students for careers in clean energy."

I'm wondering if this program has any educational component that trains students for job hunting, such as interview prep and resume building. I think it would be interesting if these student training programs had components that created space for students to learn about the history of energy, imagine just energy futures, and what their role in that future could look like. This would include education on energy transitions and environmental justice, and other overlapping issues of social justice. I think it's extremely important for those getting involved in the clean energy industry to consider the field that they're entering in (which is in a very formative yet critical stage in my opinion), and the impact that this field and their jobs will have on communities both locally and globally, other species, and on energy regimes as a whole. Having a well-informed background of energy markets and regimes, and the current positioning of the clean energy industry and it's potential to either recreate oppression or mitigate it, and how the industry connects with other socio-technical systems and systemic inequities, will not only connect individuals more deeply with their employment, but will perhaps inspire them to create their own inroads into this industry, with hopefully considerate approachs. 

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