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Pennsylvania lost a quarter of its clean energy jobs in 2020. Here’s a proposal to bring them back

This article describes two bills, one introducted to PA's senate and the other to PA's house, which would increase the state's renewable energy goal from 8% to 18% by 2026. This would increase the number of solar jobs from .5% to 5.5%. This could create nearly 1.6 billion in economic growth and...Read more

Peco should step up on solar to make the Philly region healthier

This opinion piece highlights the region's, and PECO's, lack of longterm sustainability plan. The authors also note that PECO's five-year plan for electricity purchase doubles down on old fossil-fuel models that continue to harm public health and exacerbate structural racism. Neighboring states...Read more

City Announces $1 Million Investment in Organizations Developing Innovative Workforce Solutions and Outlines Strategies to Address Long-Standing Workforce Challenges

The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce—in partnership with Philadelphia’s economic and workforce development partners—today announced a renewed strategic commitment to address workforce challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and that have been exacerbated by long-...Read more

Frankford High School's new lab aims to prepare students for solar energy jobs

"The Philadelphia Energy Authority, in partnership with PECO and the School District of Philadelphia, unveiled a new Solar Training Lab at Frankford High School on Friday as part of a widespread initiative to train young people for careers in solar and clean energy. 

...Read more

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