Environmental Justice

EPA takes up environmental justice complaint against Philly’s permit for SEPTA power plant in Nicetown

Septa's powerplant is built in a poor, community of color. Part of institutional racism, the plant has contributed to adverse health effects of the residents who live there. Residents have demonstrated countless times to protest the presence of the polluting plant, but to little avail. Septa...Read more

Philly’s first ‘green bank’ will connect clean energy projects to capital

The Philadelphia Green Capital Corp is the green bank affiliate of the Philadelphia Energy Authority that was developed alongside the Philadelphia Energy Campaign. Green banks are nonprofit entities which connect clean energy projects to capital through a variety of financial mechanisms.

...Read more

What Biden executive orders could mean for the energy sector

This order discusses the, so-labeled, aggressive climate policies Biden plans to implement once he ascends to the Presidency. That said, discussions of executive orders to be implemented include orders to reduce fossil fuel production (with heavy taxation on gas and oil extractors, producers,...Read more

Bhopal’s Trials of Knowledge and Ignorance

This scholarly journal article reports on the sociotechnical entanglements related to a disaster experienced in Bhopal, India. This disaster was not directly related to energy resources, but was incited by the failure of energy resources (refrigeration system, energy burn off smokestacks, and...Read more

Frankford High School's new lab aims to prepare students for solar energy jobs

"The Philadelphia Energy Authority, in partnership with PECO and the School District of Philadelphia, unveiled a new Solar Training Lab at Frankford High School on Friday as part of a widespread initiative to train young people for careers in solar and clean energy. 

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Abandoned Oil and Gas Sites Are Leaking Methane Across the Country

This article peaked my interest after attending 4S and listening to a presentation on orphaned oil and gas wells on Dinehtah, the homeland of the Navajo tribe. 

There are 3.2 million abandoned oil and gas wells across the United States which pose great environmental and health risks as...Read more

Massachusetts’ new efficiency plan puts a priority on underserved communities

Massachusetts’ new $668 million three-year energy efficiency plan is awaiting approval from the state Department of Public Utilities. This plan include provisions to increase outreach and expand eligibility in underserved communities and pay utilities for providing services in these...Read more

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