April Staff Picks - Morgan Sarao

The artifacts I chose for April are thematically linked to the “just transition” framework, or the framework for transitioning the economy to renewable energy and prioritizing support for affected workers in the transition from emissions-intensive industries, along with communities...Read more

Pa. stymies Philadelphia green-energy plan to add biogas to PGW’s fuel

PGW's proposed green energy pilot, which would add Renewable Natural Gas produced from landfills or farm waste into it's natural gas mix, was rejected by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, stating that the pilot would violate state law that requires state-regulated utilities to procure...Read more

Philadelphia Liens and Debt: What You Need to Know Before Acquiring Privately Owned Vacant Lots

This piece from the organization Grounded in Philly provides resources and information for those seeking to gain ownership of a vacant lot that is privately owned and how to deal with unpaid debt left behind by the absent owner. After explaining what liens are, the page moves on to explore the...Read more

Philly steam-loop owner accuses city’s gas utility of ‘predatory, anti-competitive’ conduct

This article presents the controversy existing between PGW and Vicinity Energy over their monopoly on the heating grouds. This has been an ongoing controversy and has been a small player in Philly’s energy ecosystem. The article points to the...Read more

Hundreds of thousands of people face utility shutoffs as pandemic surges

This article looks at what's happening on the ground in Philadelphia two days after the Pennsylvania PUC ended the utility shutoff moratorium. Importantly, at that time, PGW said that they had not yet terminated anyone. It was clear from the article that PECO was reaching out to let people know...Read more

Report explores a decarbonized future for PGW, cites its current structure and business model as challenges

In December 2021, the much anticipated 81-page PGW Businesss Diversification study was released. The report recommends further study into three separate future pathways for PGW: geothermal energy; expanded weatherization; and harvesting sewer gas or landfill gas that produces methane. The...Read more

A carbon pledge, a bag ban, a tree plan: Philly’s year in environmental news and what’s next

This article highlights the biggest environmental news coming from Philadelphia in the year 2021. 

  • "Philadelphia vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050. One strategy for meeting this goal comes from Philly's Building Energy Performance Program, which requires all non-residential
  • ...Read more
As Philadelphia works to tackle climate change, a question emerges: Is PGW on board?

With attempts to electrify grids in a sustainable way, many oil and gas furnaces will inevitably be shut down by 2025. The foregoing is a threat for energy supplies for utilities such as PGW, among utilities that opposed updated and thorough building code implementation. The call to transition...Read more

Can’t get into your PGW account? 94,000 customers have to re-register after online update

PGW switched to a new online accounts system in July, which requires every user to re-register. Some paperless customers expressed frustration on social media, saying they didn’t know anything...Read more

PGW wants to raise rates by 11 percent, to cover cost of new pipes

This is a very recent article from WHYY the local public news site for Philadelphia.  It outlines a proposed rate increase for households in Philadelphia by PGW, the local gas company. The reason this article interested me was how it touches on household costs for energy as well as physical...Read more


Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) announced a new grant program for households facing pandemic related financial hardships on January 12th 2021, with the program to start on January 19th, 2021. Eligible households can receive up to $300 on their natural gas bill. To apply, individuals call PGW to...Read more

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