Transparency of Retail Energy Pricing: Evidence from the US Natural Gas Industry

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April 24, 2020 - 3:16am

Critical Commentary

This article provided and interesting connection between residential and commercial pricing of natural gas. Although economically based, I thought this article was useful in a few ways- one the study was based in the US, two it discusses transparency, and three its focused on natural gas. Based on our conversations in class, I find it unique that there are not many studies done in the US and that most individuals seem to be a little hesitant on understanding what the energy sector looks like. Natural gas for a long-time has been a significant factor in understanding energy, pricing, and politics. However, the cost of energy seems to be a common concern when looking at Energy Vulnerability. 

We, as energy consumers and researchers, are often faced with issues of transparency when it comes to large scale industry and business. With this understanding, this article highlights that transparency can be found in the US natural gas data. Although there is a sense of transparency, I found the timing of adjustment and the methodology to be quite applicable in potentially forecasting predictions of energy vulnerability. The piece highlights an interesting conclusion about this methodology being applied to other LDCs (Local Distribution Companies). Going forward, I think the information and analysis in this piece could be useful data for projects based around the US, in addition, could be helpful in analyzing price differences and adjustments between sectors.


Wooa, C., Zarnikau, J., Horowitz, I., & Shiu, A. (2014). Transparency of Retail Energy Pricing: Evidence from the US Natural Gas Industry. Managerial and Decision Economics, 35(4), 300-308. doi:10.2307/26607780



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Chi-Keung Wooa, Jay Zarnikau, Ira Horowitz and Alice Shiu, "Transparency of Retail Energy Pricing: Evidence from the US Natural Gas Industry", contributed by Sumita Gangwani, The Energy Rights Project, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 24 April 2020, accessed 10 December 2023.