Energy Justice

Utility shutoffs should be a rallying cry for justice

In much a continued theme throughout the pandemic, utility shutoffs threaten and have negatively impacted many families across the United States. Without any jobs or assistance to pay for high energy bills, which continue to pile on as we are inevitably forced to stay inside, many families face...Read more

Spatializing energy justice

This scholarly research article written by Stefan Bouzaraovski and Neil Simcock from the Department of Geography at University of Manchester in the UK establishes a spatial justice framework for energy justice to address energy vulnerabilities more adequately. The article is a meta-analysis...Read more

PA Energy Consumers Bill of Rights

This Bill of Rights for energy consumers was drafted by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The document is a resource to inform consumer households of information regarding their rights and responsibilities in relation to energy justice. This documents applies to all consumers of energy...Read more


This report was published by an international NGO called Sustainable Energy For All. This NGO  was established in response to the Sustainable Development Goal 7 laid out by the Paris Agreement for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030. This report addressed matters of energy...Read more

This initiative from Philadelphia Energy Authority is connecting programs and organizations to support homeowners in low-income housing

This article, published in August of 2021, is about a new program being piloted by the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA), called the Build to Last Program. PEA is hoping to make the energy assistance network in Philadelphia less siloed by connecting homeowners who apply to...Read more


This policy document lays out practices for the preservation of cultural resources and artifacts. It was approved and certified by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to support national legislation to preserve and protect historical and archeological sites related to Native...Read more

Contextualizing the Covid-19 pandemic for a carbon-constrained world: Insights for sustainability transitions, energy justice, and research methodology

The Energy in COVID-19 group intends to read this article for framing for our own research during the pandemic. 

Abstract: The global Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly overwhelmed our societies, shocked the global economy and overburdened struggling health care systems and other social...Read more

The Energy Transition: Democracy, Justice and Good Regulation of the Heat Market

This paper is certainly a loaded one; published just two months ago, it discusses the different sociocultural aspects inherent within the so-called "energy transition", or the shift of the traditional "fossil-fuel burning centralized plants" model towards deregulation and renewable energy,...Read more

Gillard et al. - Energy Justice - 2017

The interdisciplinary dialogue that is presented in this source serves to lay foundational understandings of fuel poverty and the phenomenon's complexity and its effects on housing stock and energy efficiency, particularly for low income and disabled people.Read more

The historical–geographical construction of power: electricity in Eastern North Carolina

The attached paper analyzes the creation of the uneven distribution of electricity throughout Eastern North Carolina, tracing the history of the energy distribution from the introduction of utilities to now. The author dives into the different organizational structures of energy utilities, how...Read more

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