Energy Insecurity

PWD Exhibit 3A: FY2022 Proposed Rates and Charges

The following artifact details how the approved water rate change would impact various consumers, types of properties, and the forms of charges associated with water billing in Philadelphia for FY2022. It also details PWD billing and qualifications for "charity rates and charges". Read more

Living without power: Health impacts of utility shutoffs in California

This report by TURN discusses all of the impacts created by the problematic policy of shutting utilities off for residential customers. Beyond a discussion on health impacts, the report also considers the already precarious conditions of the communities that experience the highest rates of...Read more

Public Advocate's Advance Interrogatories & Requests for Production of Documents

The following artifact contains interrogatories and requests for production of documents for the matter of a proposed rate increase in  Water, Sewer and Storm Water Rates. Read more

The new energy poor

"..the experiences of the 'new energy poor', who are vulnerable to decreased incomes, high prices, new taxes, and 'inadequate socio-technical infrastructures' (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1380...Read more

Jessel et al. - Energy, Poverty, and Health - 2019

This literature review serves to provide an in-depth look at energy insecurity as it relates to health, in both their acute and chronic states. The artifact is particularly useful in its ability to track and make connections between the fast-changing nature of the environment, as affected by...Read more

Philadelphia Water Department 2021 Proposed Rate Increase

This artifact is a presentation created by the Philadelphia Water Department regarding their proposed rate increase. Without increased rates, according to PWD, they will have insufficient revenues to meet operating and legal requirements in FY2023. The Department withdrew a rate request in 2020...Read more

Philadelphia seeks 16.9% water rate increase, citing revenue erosion from pandemic

In mid-February, the Philadelphia Water Department announced it was seeking a 16.9% residential rate increase phased in over two years that...Read more

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