Energy Insecurity

ECA Legal and Community Supports

The imagery here shows is a collection of pamphlets curated by ECA (Energy Coordinating Agency), a non-profit organization serving the Philadelphia region. ECA provides support through weatherization and DIY weatherization programs, heater replacements, and utility bill counseling and assistance...Read more

Jessel et al. - Energy, Poverty, and Health - 2019

This literature review serves to provide an in-depth look at energy insecurity as it relates to health, in both their acute and chronic states. The artifact is particularly useful in its ability to track and make connections between the fast-changing nature of the environment, as affected by...Read more

PWD Exhibit 1 - Notification of Rate Filing (Supplemented as of Formal Filing)

This artifact contains the following documentation regarding the proposed Philadelphia Water Department rate increase: 

  • Advance Notification of Rate Filing to the Philadelphia Water Sewer and StormWater Rate Board 
  • Advance Notification of Rate Filing to the Philadelphia City
  • ...Read more
PECO has millions available to help with energy bills, but says few eligible customers are applying for assistance

PECO received $270 million in federal and state funding through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, money that can be used to help people who can't pay their bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a limited number of customers have enrolled, and to date only $500,000 of that money...Read more

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