Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy & Cost Saving Opportunities In Public Tertiary Institutions in Developing Countries: The Case of KNUST, Ghana

Having had to study with a candle or portable rechargeable light a number of times when pursuing my undergraduate studies back home in Ghana got me curious about finding alternative sustainable and renewable energy sources for my school. Depending solely on hydroelectric power coupled with...Read more

Here's Why Your Company Should Seek LEED Certification

This artifact I found details LEED certification and what LEED certification is good for. LEED certification is a universal level of standards the United States Green Building Council created to rate a building's energy efficiency. Before reading this article I was unaware of the different...Read more

The role of European policy for improving power plant fuel efficiency

This article addresses the efficiency upgrades as well as transition to renewable sources. It states in the article that because of the transition they have been able to reduce their emissions by 6 million tons annually. This is an incredibly high amount this is partly because they are now...Read more


The 2010 National Energy Policy for Ghana was designed by the Ministry of Energy and approved by Cabinet on March 16, 2010 to facilitate the development of Ghana’s energy sector. The aim of this policy was to provide a framework to ensure the efficient management of energy resources as well as...Read more

Schipani - Saving Energy in Pandemics - 2020

The article above talks about several ways households can strategically reduce energy bills whilst working remotely and practicing self-quarantine and social distancing.Read more

Recognition of and response to energy poverty in the United States

This source was recently published and is an overview of energy poverty as seen in the United States and compared to the UK.Read more

The Electricity Situation in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities

This artifact is a paper written by Kumi (2017) and commissioned by the Center for Global Development in a bid to obtain a better understanding of Ghana’s context, and the role of international actors with respect to energy: specifically, electrification. Despite the doubling of installed...Read more

A carbon pledge, a bag ban, a tree plan: Philly’s year in environmental news and what’s next

This article highlights the biggest environmental news coming from Philadelphia in the year 2021. 

  • "Philadelphia vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050. One strategy for meeting this goal comes from Philly's Building Energy Performance Program, which requires all non-residential
  • ...Read more
Targeting Energy Poor Consumers Report

Tbis research report funded by EU to study energy poverty in nine member countries. The report details the energy poverty definition, energy poverty diagnosis and causes and the measures taken to tackle energy poverty in each country. In the summary section, there is a comparative analysis as...Read more

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