Electricity consumption

COVID-19: Government to absorb electricity bills for the poor, others to enjoy 50% slash.

To be taking an energy vulnerability class during a pandemic like this I must say has been a blessing. This is because, with the knowledge I am attaining on this subject matter, I am beginning to understand what energy vulnerability is, and the extent to which it is a world-wide concern even in...Read more

Electricity Cost and Consumption: Holiday Lights and Decorations in America

One aspect of the holidays which I never think about, is the high amount of energy consumption during these celebratory times. From travel to retail manufacturing, most components of the holidays are amounting to more and more energy costs. Especially, holiday lights! Retail businesses,...Read more

The historical–geographical construction of power: electricity in Eastern North Carolina

The attached paper analyzes the creation of the uneven distribution of electricity throughout Eastern North Carolina, tracing the history of the energy distribution from the introduction of utilities to now. The author dives into the different organizational structures of energy utilities, how...Read more

How is COVID 19 impacting the UK electricity system?

This article shows a timeline of events leading up from the beginning of the lockdown constituing the changes to the energy patterns along the way. The interactive charts gives you a very detailed insight into the change in energy system demand across days and even the different hours during the...Read more

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