U.S. gives Williams more time to build Pennsylvania-NY natgas line

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May 28, 2021 - 3:33pm

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The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission had approved a $1 billion-dollar project to build a new natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York, one that was meant to be built by Williams, Inc. The company, however, asked for an extension to May 2023, which delays the project by two years given it was meant to be in service by May 2021. This delay comes at a time when New York and New Jersey regulators, two authorities from which Williams, Inc. had to secure permits and approval for the pipeline, did not allow Willaims, Inc. to secure water permits. No new customers can be signed onto Williams, Inc. as a result of these lacking permits. The article brings forward discussions of the intricate nature of energy markets and energy market regulation, highlighting the consequential nature that actions, such as building a pipeline or permit suspension, can have on utility consumers.


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