Energy market

Pa. stymies Philadelphia green-energy plan to add biogas to PGW’s fuel

PGW's proposed green energy pilot, which would add Renewable Natural Gas produced from landfills or farm waste into it's natural gas mix, was rejected by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, stating that the pilot would violate state law that requires state-regulated utilities to procure...Read more

Utilities Propose First Regional Grid-Balancing Market in Southeastern US

Duke Energy, Dominion, and Southern Company all plan to trade electricity across state, which would make energy costs lower. This plan would also improve reliance on non-carbon-emitting power sources. The article goes into more details about the way energy is distributed across the United States...Read more

U.S. gives Williams more time to build Pennsylvania-NY natgas line

The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission had approved a $1 billion-dollar project to build a new natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York, one that was meant to be built by Williams, Inc. The company, however, asked for an extension to May 2023, which delays the project by two years...Read more

The emerging global natural gas market and the energy crisis of 2021-2022

This policy brief largely discusses the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on energy governance and concomitant effects on the energy prices that are volatile to market changes, supply chains, and their interruptions or delays. The brief specifically focuses on the ever-changing demand of...Read more

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