Climate rhetoric: What’s an energy trilemma?

This article talks about what the energy trilemma isRead more

April Media Brief Staff Picks - Andrew Rosenthal

Write up detailing why I chose the articles I did for my March Media BriefRead more

Philly’s next crop of city buildings will be greener under bill passed by Philly Council


A new bill, passed by the Philadelphia City Council will set requirements for new construction projects including on-site renewable energy, optimized energy performance, and sustainable materials. According to the article, "Many new city buildings...Read more

PECO COVID-19 Email 2

This is another email PECO sent out to customers.Read more

PECO unveils Small Business Gas Grant Program

A new program, titled the Small Business Gas Grant Program, has been unveiled by PECO and offers up to $500 to small businesses towards their gas bill. According to PECO, the grants are on a first come, first serve basis and any company under 25 employees can apply. According to the...Read more

Report: Pennsylvania stands to gain 243,000 jobs a year from clean energy investment

A new report, commissioned by The Heinz Endowment, the Community Foundation the Alleghenies, Policy Matters Ohio, the Keystone Research Center and the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy found that Biden's climate policy could create up to 243,000 jobs annually.

Robert Pollin, a...Read more

RGGI will reduce carbon emissions and bring millions to Pennsylvania. This shouldn’t be a fight. | Editorial

This article was shared by Governor Wolf and is advoacting for Pennsylvania joining RGGI. It is part of my RGGI PECE essay.Read more


In a bid to provide quality and reliable electricity to households and industries, Ghana’s first attempt to establish a modern legal framework for the energy industry was developed in the 1920s. A strategy paper was then launched in between 2012-2016 to support the 2 strategic stalwarts: “...Read more

Why the Government's Plans for Coal Must be Replaced By a Renewable Energy Alternative.

This artifact suggests that producing energy through renewable sources especially solar and wind is the choicest option for the private sector to produce and commercialize energy using the distributed model. This model is used to describe the setting where equipment for power generation using...Read more

World Energy Trilemma Index

World Trilemma Index website is listed hereRead more

Senate Moves New Bill to Keep Pa. out of RGGI without General Assembly’s OK

This article is about a bill attempting to prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGI without the house's vote.Read more

Philly is trying to bridge vaccine gaps by targeting hard-hit neighborhoods. Finally, activists and experts say.

This article discusses the digital divide and how a vaccination have proven to increase it even more than the pandemic already has. It opens with by discussing Jeff Harris, 65, and how he was registered after a group of activists went door to door registering people. Harris explained that not...Read more

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