World Energy Trilemma Index

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Philly’s first ‘green bank’ will connect clean energy projects to capital

This article opens with a startling fact I was unaware of. Thanks to the many trees and nature restoration projects in higher income areas, there can be a 22-degree temperature difference between high income and low income parts of the city. The Philadelphia Green Capital Corp. (PGCC) is...Read more

Comcast doubles Speeds for low-income Internet Essentials program in wake of criticism

After criticisms from legislators and students currently attending school remotely, Comcast has announced that it is doubling download speeds for its Internet Essentials low-income broadband program

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Poor internet service a deterrent to rural living, survey finds

Internet access in rural Pennsylvania is critically lacking, as I have shown in past artifacts posted here. The rural urban divide in internet access and speeds in Pennsylvania may be the most extreme in the country, with some parts of Pennsylvania not being able to even stream videos.,
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This is the page on RGGI's website that shows the compliance periods. It is part of my RGGI PECE essay.Read more

PECO COVID-19 Email 2

This is another email PECO sent out to customers.Read more

Cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own

Energy vulnerability can stem from an almost infinite amount of variables. Small fees can rack up and it just takes one to cause someone to be unable to pay bills. That is why this new law, passed by Congress on June 20th, 2020 is a win for consumers. 

Internet service providers...Read more

Philadelphia can’t curb the climate crisis without federal support | Opinion

This article opens by discussing the recent hurricanes that swept through Philadelphia within the last few months. It then reminds readers of the scientific consensus of man-made climate change, explaining that the city cannot combat the issue on its own. It begins by explaining some of...Read more

In RGGI Fight Escalation, GOP Blocks Wolf’s Nominations to Utility Regulator

This article is about how Wolf's nominations were blocked because he is attempting to get Pennsylvania to join RGGIRead more


“Bamboo, the perfect biomass grass, grows naturally across Africa and presents a viable, cleaner and sustainable alternative to wood fuel,” said Michael Kwaku, Country Director for INBAR Ghana. “Without such an alternative, wood charcoal will remain the primary household energy...Read more

Free internet access available for some now struggling to afford it, city says

Philadelphia is extending it's free PHLConnectED program, which provides no cost connections, to families who have children recieving special education services or are English-language learners, and those who participate in public benefit programs with income qualifications 

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Climate rhetoric: What’s an energy trilemma?

This article talks about what the energy trilemma isRead more

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