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This is the world's first fully solar-powered airport

This artifact is a really interesting read to understand how the seventh busiest airport in India made a change in 2013 due to the rising electricty bills and is now running completely powered by solar energy. Cochin International Airport was the first solar-powered airport in 2015. 

After...Read more

Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy & Cost Saving Opportunities In Public Tertiary Institutions in Developing Countries: The Case of KNUST, Ghana

Having had to study with a candle or portable rechargeable light a number of times when pursuing my undergraduate studies back home in Ghana got me curious about finding alternative sustainable and renewable energy sources for my school. Depending solely on hydroelectric power coupled with...Read more

India's summer power outages are getting so bad, states want you to DIY

Power cuts have always been an issue in India and I remember growing up as a child, there were fixed times during the weeks that they occured and I was definitely not a fan of these. Surviving the hot, humid afternoons without any cooling equipment, alternatives or even the natural wind was a...Read more

What is the Clean Energy Industry Doing to Confront Racism?

Since the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd on account of police brutality and systemic racism in the United States, companies in the clean energy industry have been taking an inward look at their policies and practices and subsequent role in perpetuating racism and racial disparities....Read more



The first observation as I perused through this blog post was that it covered every continent withhuman habitat and hence gives one a complete picture of the use of renewable energy across...Read more

Solar Subsidies: Government subsidies and other incentives for installing rooftop solar systems in India

As the demand for electricity is increasing day by day and the available resources are not comparable with the consumer needs, the Government of India has initiated a subsidy scheme called the "Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojna." This news article by the Economic Times is an interesting read that...Read more

How coronavirus is changing electricity usage, in 3 charts

This news article talks about shifting energy demand during COVID-19, focusing on California, New York, and Italy. Data is taking from electricity grids and shows that there is a reduced overall demand on the grid -- so even with increased usage in households, the amount of energy consumption is...Read more

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