Lillis - Infrastructure Relief - 2020

The article goes on to look at several components of the relief package, including the drawbacks it has particularly as the drawbacks relate to access to stable connections for remote work.Read more

COVID-19: Government to absorb electricity bills for the poor, others to enjoy 50% slash.

To be taking an energy vulnerability class during a pandemic like this I must say has been a blessing. This is because, with the knowledge I am attaining on this subject matter, I am beginning to understand what energy vulnerability is, and the extent to which it is a world-wide concern even in...Read more

Touchberry - Coronavirus Relief Inclusions - 2020

The article comments on the latest measures the government intends to take in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Under these measures, there is also talk of medical measures and relief, as well as paid leave and other relief measures.Read more

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