PUC Seeks Comment on Proposed Settlements with Retail Energy SuppliersConcerning Sales & Marketing Practices

This article is a press release by Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission following recent investigations into misleading marketing outlets on the part of Pennsylvania energy suppliers. Following the investigations, NG&E will have to pay civil penalties and contribute to hardship funds in...Read more

Governor’s power-plant carbon-pricing plan nears finish line

This article discusses Pennsylvania's tentative plan to price carbon emissions. If this move is successful, Wolf's administration would succeed in making Pennsylvania the first state to adopt similar measures. That said, such a move is also a significant headway into dismantling the long-...Read more

At least 1 dead, 4 children injured as Tropical Storm Isaias brings high winds, flooding to Pa

This article talks about the serious repercussions felt by Pennsylvania communities as Tropical storm Isaias hit the Northeast. Damages do include partially tore apart roofs, cars, and people who were killed by the storm. The greatest impact so far has been from the resulting power outages. We...Read more

Earl Baker: A new energy revolution in Pa.

This article discusses the benefits of building pipelines across the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania where the energy market has provided vast avenues for jobs and the economy. In fact, the article states energy production and the energy market contribute $45 billion to Pennsylvania'...Read more

Hughes: It’s ‘a crime to have $1.3B sitting around’; Ahead of budget debate, Senate Dems release plan for unspent CARES cash

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats have released their plans on how to spend the rest of the $1.3 billion COVID relief fund money, which would include stimulus to hospitals, small businesses, higher education, public safety workers, utilities, child care, food security, and hazard pay....Read more

COVID In Pennsylvania: Commonwealth To Lift Last Moratorium On Utility Shutoffs

As with other articles released this week, CBS3 Philly reports on the Pennsylvania PUC's decision to lift the moratorium on utility disconnections this coming April 1st. The decision follows pressures from utility representatives, who claim there is now federal assistance available to renters to...Read more

Pennsylvania American Water seeks 24% rate hike over 2 years.

This article highlights a proposed water and sewer rate increase for Pennsylvania customers.Read more

Pa. to Lift Last Coronavirus-Induced Moratorium on Utility Shutoffs

As a year from the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic comes to a close, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is deciding to lift the moratorium on disconnection it had put in place to protect the Commonwealth's residents. This decision comes from pressures exerted by the utilities on...Read more

Wolf vetoes bill that would keep Pennsylvania out of RGGI

This article discusses Governor Wolf vetoing a bill that would prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGIRead more

Renewables overtake coal, but natural gas still dominates U.S. power generation

Renewable energy is making its way as one of the dominant sources of energy production in the United States. Currently, it accounts for 20% of the U.S.' energy production and is only surpassed by gas-powered energy production, which accounts for 40% of energy production in the nation. Coal...Read more

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