Pa. utilities urge a resumption of shutoffs as pandemic subsides and unpaid bills soar

This article discusses the Pennsylvania PUC’s decision to resume disconnections in more detail. It also references why utilities have been so adamantly insistent on reinstating utility shut offs. According to the utilities, at least as documented...Read more

Ideas we should steal: Community solar power

This article discuss a community solar project in East Parkside, as well as state policies that are preventing the project from moving forward.Read more

PUC Seeks Comment on ProposedSettlements with Retail Energy SuppliersConcerning Sales & Marketing Practices

This article is a press release by Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission following recent investigations into misleading marketing outlets on the part of Pennsylvania energy suppliers. Following the investigations, NG&E will have to pay civil penalties and contribute to hardship funds in...Read more

In Pennsylvania, a bipartisan coalition is pushing to free community solar from bureaucratic red tape

This artifact discusses the challenges to cooperative solar farms in Pennsylvania. 

Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation (CPCDC), a nonprofit that supports local businesses, maintains...Read more

Retail Energy Supplier To Pay $59,000 Under Settlement With PUC Staff

This article discusses recent penalties the Pennsylvania PUC has imposed on Clearview, an energy supplier in Pennsylvania. According to the information here reported, Clearview's third-party door-to-door sales have unlawfully switched customers to Clearview, in some cases even without customer...Read more

Earl Baker: A new energy revolution in Pa.

This article discusses the benefits of building pipelines across the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania where the energy market has provided vast avenues for jobs and the economy. In fact, the article states energy production and the energy market contribute $45 billion to Pennsylvania'...Read more

PA Senate Democrats Joined House Democrats for Net Neutrality Policy Hearing

State Senator Amanda Cappelletti (D) and state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler (D) held virtual meeting on net neutrality and equitable access to internet in Pennsylvania.

“Internet access has become a necessity. However, Pennsylvania’s technological infrastructure and internet standards are behind...Read more

Governor’s power-plant carbon-pricing plan nears finish line

This article discusses Pennsylvania's tentative plan to price carbon emissions. If this move is successful, Wolf's administration would succeed in making Pennsylvania the first state to adopt similar measures. That said, such a move is also a significant headway into dismantling the long-...Read more

PUC Issues Aqua/Peoples Gas Audit Report & Implementation Plan

To reduce costs offloaded on consumers, Pennsylvania's PUC called for several cost-saving measures from gas, water, and wastewater utilities Aqua PA and People's Gas. The hopes are to save over $400,000 dollars in expenses for the utilities, which would ultimately be 'saved' by utility consumers...Read more

LIHEAP State Sheet - Pennsylvania 2020

This fact sheet provides numbers for the following in Pennsylvania:

  • Gross LIHEAP allocation to Pennsylvania in 2017
  • # of households eligible for LIHEAP in Pennsylvania
  • # of low-income households that received LIHEAP in Pennsylvania in 2017
  • % change in LIHEAP
  • ...Read more
Deadlocked Pa. panel rejects Peco proposal for COVID-19 bill relief for low-income customers

Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission rejected a proposal to give 113,000 PECO households a one-time $50 dollar credit on their bills. This request was submitted by PECO to the PUC, who deadlocked on the decision and ended up rejecting it. This proposal would have also directed $1.5 million...Read more

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