Utilities can soon cut off nonpaying customers, Pa. says, but the poorest customers are protected

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted 3-1 to terminate the shutoffs but put safeguards in place to protect the most vulnerable. According to the article, “The PUC’s order will still prohibit utilities from shutting off “protected customers” whose income is no more than...Read more

Ideas we should steal: Community solar power

This article discuss a community solar project in East Parkside, as well as state policies that are preventing the project from moving forward.Read more

Peco improperly shut off nearly 50,000 customers because of computer glitches

This article provides an update on a case of technical negligence by PECO in 2018 and 2019, when their automated phone service which informs customers of a service shutoff 72-hours ahead of the termination failed to make the call (2018) or gave the wrong termination date (2019). This article...Read more

Pennsylvania American Water seeks 24% rate hike over 2 years.

This article highlights a proposed water and sewer rate increase for Pennsylvania customers.Read more

Central Pa. landowners relieved as PUC rejects controversial powerline project: ‘We fought hard’

In yet another decision in favor of utility users in Pennsylvania, the PUC voted against building a new pipeline that would have taken land away from 200 landowners, including farmers and business owners. The article brings forward several discussions that have made their way into discussions of...Read more

In Pennsylvania, a bipartisan coalition is pushing to free community solar from bureaucratic red tape

This artifact discusses the challenges to cooperative solar farms in Pennsylvania. 

Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation (CPCDC), a nonprofit that supports local businesses, maintains...Read more

Hughes: It’s ‘a crime to have $1.3B sitting around’; Ahead of budget debate, Senate Dems release plan for unspent CARES cash

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats have released their plans on how to spend the rest of the $1.3 billion COVID relief fund money, which would include stimulus to hospitals, small businesses, higher education, public safety workers, utilities, child care, food security, and hazard pay....Read more

Home Energy Affordability for Low-Income Customers in Pennsylvania

This report is published as a collective work product of BCS and the Law Bureau from the Consumer Services Information System (CSIS) Project at Penn State University. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission initiated the study on May 5, 2017, at Docket No. M-2017-2587711. The goal of the...Read more

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