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Andrew Rosenthal December 2021 Staff Reflections

I am honored to be able to write the final media brief for The Energy Rights Project. If I may be excused for a little self indulgence, this reflection will reflect upon my experience with Media Briefs as a whole and my time writing them. I feel like we never truly pinned down an audience...Read more

MS October 2021 Media Brief Staff Picks

I found the artifacts that I contributed for the October 2021 Media Brief through weekly google news searches using variations of the following keywords: “Philadelphia energy”, “abandoned oil wells”, “lithium mining”, and “energy affordability”. I also receive daily news digests from U.S...Read more

June 2021 Media Brief - Editor's Reflections

This month’s media brief had the most amount of articles out of the three media briefs I have worked with. It was the longest media brief I have written, but I was still only able to briefly discuss the articles with some light, one to two sentence analysis. The policy inadequacies...Read more

Editor's Reflection for ERP's September 2021 Media Brief

I found the artifacts that I contributed to our September 2021 Media Brief through bi-weekly google searches using the following key words: "Philadelphia energy" "Philadelphia utilities" "Climate Change" and "Hurricane Ida". I also receive daily news digests from U.S. Energy News and Northeast...Read more

Pennsylvania investing $12.5 million to make Roosevelt Boulevard safer

Governor Wolf has announced plans to improve the safety of Roosevelt Boulevard with a $12.5 million dollar plan. $6 million will go toward intersection improvements, including extending curbs to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and realigning crosswalk and lane configurations. Another...Read more

Philadelphia can’t curb the climate crisis without federal support | Opinion

This article opens by discussing the recent hurricanes that swept through Philadelphia within the last few months. It then reminds readers of the scientific consensus of man-made climate change, explaining that the city cannot combat the issue on its own. It begins by explaining some of...Read more

Growing number of Philadelphia households have high-speed internet, city survey finds

This article begins by stating the importance of internet access for daily life, something pretty much all articles on internet accessibility start with. This past summer, the city of Philadelphia had partnered with Wilco Electronic Systems to survey the city and elucidate how internet...Read more

Tackling Philly’s high energy burden can help shore up against storms | Opinion

This article begins with a discussion of the Vine Street Expressway being turned into a canal as a result of Hurricane Ida. It then goes on to express the need to protect the city from more horrific weather events on both a local and federal level. The article defines energy burden as "is...Read more

March 2021 Media Brief Reflections

My articles for the March Media Brief focus on Comcast’s investments in Philadelphia, Net Neutrality, and Philadelphia’s vaccine rollout. All three articles were chosen because they deal with internet infrastructure in Pennsylvania in...Read more

Authors Reflections: October 2021 Media Brief

It feels like every media brief I write is longer than the last and this one is no exception. For the last media brief I wrote, the June 2021 Media Brief, I struggled to find three themes that neatly encapsulated the articles. Fortunately, this was not an issue with this one, which...Read more

Philly’s first ‘green bank’ will connect clean energy projects to capital

This article opens with a startling fact I was unaware of. Thanks to the many trees and nature restoration projects in higher income areas, there can be a 22-degree temperature difference between high income and low income parts of the city. The Philadelphia Green Capital Corp. (PGCC) is...Read more

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