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Andrew Rosenthal July 2021 Media Brief Reflections

My artifacts for this month were collected using Google News and both focus on Philadelphia. The first article was found after finding out about RGGI, a regional cap and trade program that Pennsylvania is in the process of entering. If Philadelphia were to enter, they would be the first...Read more

March Staff Picks - Morgan Sarao

The artifacts that I chose throughout March discuss policy relating to crisis and crisis recovery on the federal level and in Philadelphia. The artifacts regarding federal policy were chosen after sifting through articles that resulted from google searches using the key words “LIHEAP” “...Read more

Andrew Rosenthal November 2021 Staff Picks

Two of my articles talk about internet infrastructure in Philadelphia, with the remaining article discussing chemical contaminants in the water. The first two were found by simply searching Philadelphia Internet on Google, while the last one was found after watching a John Oliver...Read more

June 2021 Media Brief - Editor's Reflections

This month’s media brief had the most amount of articles out of the three media briefs I have worked with. It was the longest media brief I have written, but I was still only able to briefly discuss the articles with some light, one to two sentence analysis. The policy inadequacies...Read more

April Media Brief Staff Picks - Andrew Rosenthal

Write up detailing why I chose the articles I did for my March Media BriefRead more

Tackling Philly’s high energy burden can help shore up against storms | Opinion

This article begins with a discussion of the Vine Street Expressway being turned into a canal as a result of Hurricane Ida. It then goes on to express the need to protect the city from more horrific weather events on both a local and federal level. The article defines energy burden as "is...Read more

Editor's Reflection for ERP's September 2021 Media Brief

I found the artifacts that I contributed to our September 2021 Media Brief through bi-weekly google searches using the following key words: "Philadelphia energy" "Philadelphia utilities" "Climate Change" and "Hurricane Ida". I also receive daily news digests from U.S. Energy News and Northeast...Read more

Philly’s next crop of city buildings will be greener under bill passed by Philly Council


A new bill, passed by the Philadelphia City Council will set requirements for new construction projects including on-site renewable energy, optimized energy performance, and sustainable materials. According to the article, "Many new city buildings...Read more

MS December 2021 Media Brief Staff Picks

The artifacts that I contributed to the December 2021 media brief were found through weekly google news searches using the following keywords: ““Philadelphia energy”, “energy assistance ``''Philadelphia climate change”. I searched for “Philadelphia energy” and “Philadelphia Climate change...Read more

May Media Brief Staff Picks - Andrew Rosenthal

For this month, I chose two articles, which were found from searching “Internet Infrastructure in Philadelphia '' in Google News. The first article, The Infrastructure Supporting the...Read more

March Media Brief - Editors Reflection

This was my second media brief, my first being from almost over a year ago. Courtesy of James, I have come to understand the depths of the Texas blackout and the extent to which it will...Read more

Andrew Rosenthal December 2021 Staff Reflections

I am honored to be able to write the final media brief for The Energy Rights Project. If I may be excused for a little self indulgence, this reflection will reflect upon my experience with Media Briefs as a whole and my time writing them. I feel like we never truly pinned down an audience...Read more

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