Living without power: Health impacts of utility shutoffs in California

This report by TURN discusses all of the impacts created by the problematic policy of shutting utilities off for residential customers. Beyond a discussion on health impacts, the report also considers the already precarious conditions of the communities that experience the highest rates of...Read more

Parks are Critical Urban Infrastructure: Perception and Use of Urban Green Spaces in NYC During COVID-19

This article is a pre-publication finding article conducted by scholars to see how important green spaces are to the physical and mental wellbeing for city residents. That said, according to the results cited, the pandemic did not significantly or negatively affect the use of public green spaces...Read more

Touchberry - 5G as Infrastructure - 2020

A brief recount of the current phases of the stimulus bills past in most recent times and the prospect of a fourth stimulus package that might include support and funding for digital infrastructure (like broadband internet) and healthcare facilities, most needed during a pandemic of this scale...Read more


This research article by Adusah-Poku & Takeuchi (2019) explores the dynamics of energy poverty in Ghana using two national cross-sectional datasets. Energy poverty is defined as “the absence of sufficient choice in accessing adequate, affordable, reliable, high quality, safe,...Read more

Linky: Do smart meters actually help reduce electricity consumption?

When I saw this article, it underscored how important it is to engage energy technology users in the design and decision-making process of energy initiatives, interventions and retrofit incentives. This is because, the success of these initiatives is contingent on how individuals react to them....Read more

Robinson - Richmonds Restricts Public Spaces - 2020

In the midst of the pandemic cities are taking drastic measures, including restricting access to parks and recreation centers to residents, in attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Read more

New research will look at heat wave risks during pandemic

This document is part of the NCAR & UCAR Newspage. In this brief description, the author talks about ways in which NCAR and other entities are pooling together funds to conduct research into heat vulnerabilities and its intersections with risks of contracting COVID-19. That said, the brief...Read more

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