Energy Use

IEA Report: COVID-19 Impacts on Electricity

Like many other sectors of our life and our economies, COVID-19 has reshaped existing infrastructures, interactions, and services. Energy usage is among the sectors witnessing impacts in demand fluctuations and shift in sources. The IEA traced energy usage between the months of May 2020 and...Read more

2021 Rankings: Top cities with the most Energy Star certified buildings.

This page compiles the rankings created by EPA in correspondence with US cities' data on emissions, green energy, and energy star appliances. As can be seen, Philadelphia does not fall within the top 10 least environmentally damaging cities. As a matter of fact, Philadelphia ranks near last, at...Read more

Middleton - COVID19 Increase Pollution - 2020

The article focuses on the current reduction in air pollution, as stay-at-home orders increase, but it talks about the ripple effects and worsening pollution following these measures.Read more



The first observation as I perused through this blog post was that it covered every continent withhuman habitat and hence gives one a complete picture of the use of renewable energy across...Read more

Conca - Coronavirus Energy Impact - 2020

The article talks about the ripple effects of the oil war that has broken out during this pandemic on the airline industry and the United States' economy in general. More specifically, lockdowns and social distancing measures will also affected oil use as commutes and recreational activities...Read more

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