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The U.S. Will Need a Lot of Land for a Zero-Carbon Economy

In a reversal of Trump's anti-climate policies, Biden's administration has decided to re-instate net-zero emissions goals to 2030. The article brings to light how power generation, transportation, and manufacturing will need to implement radical changes in order to meet this goal, especially...Read more

Hurricane Ida power failures prompt calls for more solar energy, tougher grids

When Hurrican Ida hit New Orleans, it took out eight major transmission lines delivering electricity to the New Orleans metro area, after Hurricane Laura severely damaged lines last year as well. One resident Jenel Hazlett was fortunate to have solar panels and a battery backup system...Read more

As Indiana coal plants close, advocates say gas power should not replace them

There's movement to close all coal-powered plants, but environmentalist groups like Sierra Club are also mobilizing resources to halt plans for gas-powered energy plants. CenterPoint Energy, among one of the companies whose coal power plants are being shut down, said their focus will primarily...Read more

Renewable Energy Is Suddenly Startlingly Cheap

This article provides a great overview of the changes and transitions in energy that are being witnessed at the moment and that have made more than significant advances in the last three years. A non-profit, environmentalist agency (Carbon Tracker) has documented the steady decrease in prices...Read more

Electric vehicles get mixed reception from American consumers

The article released by the Pew Research Center compiles data on consumer perspectives for electric vehicles. The study revealed that Americans are not heavily inclined to the switch, but the percentage also depends on the generation surveyed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, newer generations tend to be...Read more

Cities confront climate challenge: How to move from gas to electricity?

This article highlights the challenges of the transition from natural gas in Philadelphia to renewable energy. Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) — the largest municipal gas utility in the country -- has a pipe network that has expanded over the past 185 years to encompass 6,000 miles of...Read more

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