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Electric vehicles get mixed reception from American consumers

The article released by the Pew Research Center compiles data on consumer perspectives for electric vehicles. The study revealed that Americans are not heavily inclined to the switch, but the percentage also depends on the generation surveyed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, newer generations tend to be...Read more

Biden administration accelerates plans for a national EV charging network

This article briefly discusses the latest information pertaining to the infrastructure bill to be implemented this coming year. In the money set aside for this infrastructure bill the Biden Administration has also lumped in funds to create national-scale electric vehicle charging stations...Read more

Renewable energy communities as ‘socio-legal institutions’: A normative frame for energy decentralization?

This paper introduces a framework for introducing community renewable energy (CRE) solutions as a "separate socio-legal institution" to better ensure that the post-energy transition landscape is one that prioritizes decentralization and democratization of energy. They incorporate principles of...Read more

New report finds Texas utility-scale solar growth may push remaining coal plants into retirement

This article talks about the vulnerability of coal plants across the country. An energy generation market powered by Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is set to be at risk by 2022, coal fleet is now going to be down by October. The viable option seen by many in the south is to...Read more

What is Energy Transition?

This article brings forth some of the energy transition discussions and themes documented across various articles: one on anti-...Read more

Renewable Energy Is Suddenly Startlingly Cheap

This article provides a great overview of the changes and transitions in energy that are being witnessed at the moment and that have made more than significant advances in the last three years. A non-profit, environmentalist agency (Carbon Tracker) has documented the steady decrease in prices...Read more

Op-ed: We have a final opportunity to respond to climate change. Will we take it?

Transitions call for monetary investments and fuel-use cutbacks to be made. This article calls on fast action to be taken just as fast as measures were taken when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The article also calls for rapid adaptive changes to be made for populations most at risk of negative...Read more

The Energy Transition: Democracy, Justice and Good Regulation of the Heat Market

This paper is certainly a loaded one; published just two months ago, it discusses the different sociocultural aspects inherent within the so-called "energy transition", or the shift of the traditional "fossil-fuel burning centralized plants" model towards deregulation and renewable energy,...Read more

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