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Navigating the energy transition from disruption to growth

The article here discusses trends in energy transitions following a study conducted with Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Senior Vice Presidents of energy companies. Scholars of this study tried to focus on the six channels of transitions, here bulleted:

The Energy Transition: Democracy, Justice and Good Regulation of the Heat Market

This paper is certainly a loaded one; published just two months ago, it discusses the different sociocultural aspects inherent within the so-called "energy transition", or the shift of the traditional "fossil-fuel burning centralized plants" model towards deregulation and renewable energy,...Read more

Empower the Yukon: Using Community Renewable Energy in the Transition to Energy Resilience

This article in particular examines how those in the Canadian province of Yukon are attempting to combat energy vulnerability (through explicit creation of energy resilience; or, in their words, "the ability (of the system) to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and...Read more

Able to power 50,000 homes, the ‘world’s largest floating wind farm’ takes another step forward

It is hopeful to see windfarms continued to be built and used for renewable energy. There are a lot of turbines that be installed in deeper water and, essentially, gives better opportunity to build both wind and hydro powered-turbine.Read more

Hurricane Ida power failures prompt calls for more solar energy, tougher grids

When Hurrican Ida hit New Orleans, it took out eight major transmission lines delivering electricity to the New Orleans metro area, after Hurricane Laura severely damaged lines last year as well. One resident Jenel Hazlett was fortunate to have solar panels and a battery backup system...Read more

Earl Baker: A new energy revolution in Pa.

This article discusses the benefits of building pipelines across the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania where the energy market has provided vast avenues for jobs and the economy. In fact, the article states energy production and the energy market contribute $45 billion to Pennsylvania'...Read more

How the U.S. lost ground to China in the contest for clean energy

In this article, we see a western approach to the analysis of China's investment in cobalt. In the article we are told the US 'lost' in a race with China to secure Congo's cobalt supply, but again we see a very 'savior-like' description of the event. The US is painted to be Congo's safety net,...Read more

As Indiana coal plants close, advocates say gas power should not replace them

There's movement to close all coal-powered plants, but environmentalist groups like Sierra Club are also mobilizing resources to halt plans for gas-powered energy plants. CenterPoint Energy, among one of the companies whose coal power plants are being shut down, said their focus will primarily...Read more

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