energy storage

Lindon company wants to help prepare residents for potential summer blackouts

NERC has predicted a 1 in 10 chance of Nortwest grids shutting down - i.e. not being able to withstand power peaks to heat and drought. Hamless - a Utah-based company - has created renewable energy storage capacities for families most at risk of losing their power. It is a relatively lowe...Read more

Groups call on DOE to draw a roadmap for TVA to shift to renewables

Deal with TVA is discriminatory as long as TVA has a generation portfolio skewed toward fossil fuels, the companies want to be freed from fossil fuel monopolies to pursue renewable energy.Read more

Big Plans to Save the Planet Depend on Nanoscopic Materials Improving Energy Storage

It starts with addressing the state of the world and acknowledging the needed change to avoid a problematic future. It then goes into the problem of energy distribution and storage. With the popular sources of renewable sources, wind and solar, there is no way to regulate the intake due to...Read more

Department of Energy Releases Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap

Hand in hand with the order released on December 16th, the finalized energy storage plans are part of the United States' attempt to secure energy supply for the nation. In an effort to remain competitive in the energy market, the United States is trying to find innovative ways to both produce...Read more

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