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6 Maps That Show How Bad Energy Poverty Is and Reveal 2 Ways to Make it Better

This article on the Union of Concerned Scientists blog contains maps which provide spatial analyses of energy poverty using data from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Read more

6 Maps That Show How Bad Energy Poverty Is and Reveal 2 Ways to Make it Better

Things that attracted me to this article is the use of the term 'energy burden' and the fact that the maps were created by DOE. I also liked how the author talked about the differences between progressive and regressive policies. I learned some new terms too: split incentive and green lease. Read more

LPG as a clean cooking fuel: Adoption, use, and impact in rural India

This article is an interesting read to understand the three principle findings i) fuel costs (ii) fuel stacking is the prevailing norm as few households stop using firewood when adopting LPG, and (iii) highly positive views of LPG as a convenient and clean cooking fuel. Read more

The new energy poor

"..the experiences of the 'new energy poor', who are vulnerable to decreased incomes, high prices, new taxes, and 'inadequate socio-technical infrastructures' (Petrova & Prodromidou, 2019:1380...Read more

Targeting Energy Poor Consumers Report

Tbis research report funded by EU to study energy poverty in nine member countries. The report details the energy poverty definition, energy poverty diagnosis and causes and the measures taken to tackle energy poverty in each country. In the summary section, there is a comparative analysis as...Read more

Multi-dimensional energy poverty patterns around industrial crop projects in Ghana: Enhancing the energy poverty alleviation potential of rural development strategies

Literature findings have concluded that, providing stable employment and increase in income could improve the economic status of a household and thus enable them transition from the use of traditional fuels like fuelwood to modern energy sources like electricity; and this could aid in energy...Read more

A Pandemic and Surging Summer Heat Leave Thousands Struggling to Pay Utility Bills

This article is particularly relevant to investigations on energy vulnerability, but also particularly relevant to predictions of compounded vulnerabilities made by the research group before the first round of interviews. For example, one of the people interviewed said she was forced to shut her...Read more

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